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SmartBox is dedicated to helping you look at marketing your practice differently. We’re consistently updating our website with new blog posts about best practices for growing your dental practice, new trends in the industry, and more. Browse through our posts below to see what’s right or most interesting to you.

Practice in Need of a Jump Start? We Can Help.

We have three questions for you: Are you where you want to be in your practice? Do you believe you’re capable of more? Are you tired of working so ...

Creating a Lifestyle Others Dream About

Hello Recession. Goodbye Worrying About It.

If you need me, I’ll be enjoying more of what I earn

What would independence from insurance look like to you?

Is Your Dental Practice Better Off Today Than It Was Before Insurance Took Over?

Three Ways to Deflate Inflation Before It Deflates Your Practice

Save Your Pennies: Practical Ways to Keep More Money for Your Practice

Why Your Success Could Be a Trap

Ahhhh Summer. Spending It Hunched Over a Chair?