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The holidays are upon us as our first major one arrives tomorrow. Thanksgiving is a time when many of us like to focus on what we’re thankful for, not necessarily what we want. 

This year, you have an opportunity to focus on both. And you might be pleasantly surprised to know that you already have these five things (or most of them) operating at your office. They might not be running efficiently or effectively yet, but we think this might help change that. Read on for a feast of encouraging news.  

Leverage these 5 key points to gobble up the competition

When it comes to optimizing the management of your practice, it’s crucial to pay attention to the 5A’s. These include answering the phone (%), appointing the patient (%), attending the appointment (%), accepting the case (%), and the average patient initial value ($).   

Maybe you have an idea where each one of these is performing in your practice, and maybe you don’t. The important thing is to start paying attention to them now. We’ve found in our work with some of the most successful dentists across the country that incremental steps to improve each of these areas resulted in unheard of improvement to the bottom line. And that’s what you want, right? 

Here’s a quick visual of what these small improvements did for one of our clients:

Tale of two practices

With just a 10% improvement in answering the phone, appointing the patient, and attending the appointment, a 15% bump in accepting the case, and a 20% bump in the average patient initial value, a SmartBox dentist increased his profit by over 158%.    

You don’t have to aim for unrealistic jumps in your numbers because as you can see, each one builds upon another for an overall impressive bump. If you feel you can’t take on one more thing, enlist a trusted staff member or members to focus on one of the key points and work on ways to improve one at a time. It might take longer, but the results are most certainly worth it.  

Small steps can reap huge rewards, so if you’re not keeping track of the performance of your 5A’s, you could be leaving money on the table. And that’s a tough pill to swallow. It might be time to set some goals with your team. If you’ve taken some time off to enjoy the holiday we encourage you to take a brief moment to read more about how Dr. John O’Rourke improved his 5A’s. His strategies can be found in our free report, The 6 Million Dollar Dentist. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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