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Your patient snuggles up in the chair, hoping the procedure won’t give him a scare.
Tools on the tray, your light at the ready, your hands are used to keeping calm and steady. 
A massage of the gums, Lidocaine sets in, and you get to work removing that cavity from within. 
You work with grace and safe speed, as your patient mumbles a thanks for your good deed.
The cavity gone, the resin goes in, one layer at a time for the win.
Here comes the polisher for that final touch as your patient proclaims, “That didn’t hurt much.”
Your work complete, your patient’s face has a smile, and you’re glad you went that extra mile.    

We won’t quit our day jobs to become world-renowned poets (you’re welcome). And we don’t want you to quit being a great doctor to your patients. Giving them the feeling that you’re looking out for their comfort and concerns goes a long way in making them life (or at least career) -long clients. 

This type of relationship doesn’t happen overnight, but you can nurture it with the right kind of marketing. Here are five of our favorite strategies for attracting patients:

  • Get to know your community.
    • We’ve mentioned this before, but building rapport with your neighbors helps with referrals and building trust. Plus you can use it as an excuse to host an open house and reel in more patients.
  • Social media isn’t just for TikToking teens.
    • Building an online community helps you stay in regular contact with your patients (and attract new ones). Facebook is a great platform for showcasing your office, new services, your team, and patient testimonials.
  • Get to know local SEO. It’s your new best friend.
    • This helps you find your target audience in your local area, and it’ll give you an edge on everyone’s favorite personal assistants, Alexa, Google, and Siri. 
  • Your website has to be well-designed.
    • First impressions are huge, and with just over 70% of potential patients checking you out online, you need to make it count. A professional, well-organized site allowing for easy navigation is key. Keep in mind that while we’re all impressed with your credentials, patients want to know how you can help them. 
  • Content that matters.
    • Showing your patients how you can help them can come in the form of a practice blog, FAQ page, patient testimonials, and more. Adding fresh content on a regular basis also helps to increase your overall ranking. And that means more traffic to your site.

Marketing your practice is a lot of work, we get it. So when we’re not cranking out mediocre poems about dentists doing great things, we do enjoy helping them create a marketing strategy that attracts new and better patients. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the available marketing nuances, give SmartBox a try

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