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What did you want when you graduated from dental school? A practice of your own? Patients who valued your work? A healthy salary that would reward you with a nice home, a boost in your social status, or a toy or two in the garage?

A lot of us are brought up to choose wants over needs. Much to our chagrin, as children and adults, we get what we need. Meanwhile our wants sit on the sidelines, eager to get in the game.  

If ditching the insurance middleman keeps landing on your wants list, you may want to rethink things. Daily PPO-related gripes continue to surface on dental social forums. The complaints include shrinking reimbursements, reimbursements that never get paid, and insurance dictating treatment plans. And it’s not getting any better.

Cutting out the insurance middleman should no longer be a want – not if you’re serious about building a career in dentistry that affords you all the things you’ve worked hard to earn.

Remember, insurance needs YOU. YOU don’t need insurance. 

While there isn’t a magic wand you can wave to be free of insurance overnight, you can leave it behind one step at a time:

  • Attract patients who aren’t PPO-dependent
  • Methodically upgrade your patients so you work with only the cases you want
  • Give insurance the boot with in-house payment options
  • Fully control how your patients are treated (You are the expert, after all)  

We’ve helped countless doctors take strategic steps to cut out the insurance middleman, and regain that valuable relationship with clients they were missing. If you’re on the fence about freeing yourself completely from insurance, grab our complimentary report,  PPO Prison. Once you consider your freedom from insurance a need, you’ll put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your own practice.   

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