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Have you read our last blog about the 5A’s that can make or break your business? If not, we strongly recommend you do so before you continue reading. It discusses key factors that can really help you ramp up your production and realize all the production you could be generating.

All set? Great, let’s move on. The 5A’s are part of what we like to call “The 5A Production Waterfall '' because once you’ve figured out how to make those incremental changes, your production and profit will come crashing down on you like a waterfall. And that’s a good thing.     

You can liken it to compounded interest, which Einstein referred to as “the eighth wonder of the world.” He knew how effective it was and still is in creating wealth — especially for banks. The 5A’s, however, are a type of compounded interest that works for you.

Small improvements cause large shifts to your bottom line

When you take steps to improve each one of the 5A’s, even if by a small percentage, your overall growth can be enormous. Optimizing those numbers must occur in order to prepare the “runway” to accept incoming, higher-value patients. You’ll start seeing bigger results at each leverage point that will lead to an overall profit boost. This is where that compounded interest comes into play.

The dentist who has perfected the 5A’s is going to have more money to attract higher value patients, hire a solid team, run a successful referral system, and retire with a comfortable nest egg. The best part is that once all of these are in place and running smoothly, you’ll have the time to enjoy it.

If you didn’t grab a copy of our newest report, The 6 Million Dollar Dentist, after reading the last blog regarding the 5A’s, feel free to grab it while it’s still available. It goes into much more detail about how Dr. John O’Rourke used the “waterfall” effect with his 5A’s to double his monthly production and cut his time in the office in half.  

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