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How Dentists Can Take Advantage of The Personal Stimulus Payments

It’s Time For Dentists To Thrive

Dentistry Is Now “Business Unusual”

How Dentists Can “Drain The Swamp” For Themselves

How Dentists Can Illuminate Their Own Tunnels

Dentists Who Are Behind The “Power Curve”

How Dentists Can Gain Confidence In Uncertain Times

How Dentists Can Reach Their Original 2020 Revenue Projections

Pandemic-Proof Reasons To Partner With SmartBox Case Studies

How Dentists Can Thrive Despite Future Shutdowns

The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious

Every COVID-19 Resource For Dentists From SmartBox Dental

Yes, There’s Something That Dentists Can Do Right Now

Colin Receveur’s “Survive & THRIVE” Weekly Webinar Series

Dental Practice Timing And Technology Are Key

Nobody Cares What You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care

The ADA Weighs In On The Pandemic

To Our Current and Future Clients: (Our COVID-19 Response)

Where Does The 800-Practice DSO Sit? Wherever It Wants

Why Do Dentists Try To Do Everything?

Make Your Dental Practice Into A Quality New Patient Magnet

When You're Done With Dentistry

Is A Dental Service Organization Right For Your Practice?

How Your Dental Practice Revenue Grows

What Medicare Dental Legislation Might Mean For Dentists

The SmileDirect “Plot” Thickens

A Happy New Year Of Great Dental Practice Growth

The Solution To What Ails DSOs

Did You Hear About The Saudi Dentists?

What Dentists Need To Do In 2020

What Does 2020 Look Like For Your Dental Practice?

What’s Missing In Dentists’ Practice Growth Efforts

Dentists Who Reap The Real Holiday Bonanza

Happy Turkey Day To Dentists Everywhere!

Breaking The Dentists’ “Fourth Wall”

Are Group Dental Practices And DSOs Unbeatable?

SmileDirectClub Battles On, Thrives

Dental Practice Growth Shouldn’t Be A Headache

What Kind Of Dental Career Will You Look Back On?

SmileDirectClub’s Woes Worsen

Dental Reviews That Actually Bring More Patients

SmileDirectClub Will Not Go Quietly

Retirement For Dentists Done Right

Is Your Dental Practice Prepared?

What’s Yours? Dental Practice Growth, That Is

Dentist, Beware: More Is Not Always Better

These Are Not The Dental Patients You’re Looking For

Dentists Who Do It Their Way

What To Expect On A SmartBox Practice Growth Call

When Technology Is Not The Dentist’s Friend

You’re As Good As Your Dental Practice Growth Tools

Are You Sure Of Anything About Your Dental Marketing?

Bottom-Line Growth For Dentists

What Is The Sound Of One Dental Practice Thriving?

Is Your Dental Practice Prepared For ALL The Threats?

This Time, It’s War: ADA vs. SmileDirectClub

Protect Your Dental Practice Schedule

Dental Practice Growth Tools You Need

SmartBox’s “Save Your Back And Neck” Approach To Dental Practice Growth

Get All “A’s” On Your Dental Practice Growth Scorecard

How To Break Up With Your Dental Marketing Company, Day 2

How To Break Up With Your Dental Marketing Company

What Are You ACTUALLY Getting Out Of Your Dental Marketing?

When Your Front Office Leaks New Dental Patients

Opportunity Is Knocking For Your Dental Practice

SmartBox Puts Dentists In The Driver’s Seat

Will The Industry “Storms” Force You To Join A Group Dental Practice?

Will You Burn Out Or Thrive As A Dentist?

You Need More Than Just Dental Marketing

Introducing “Hands-Free” Dental Social Media Marketing

Freedom Comes In Many Forms

Dentists Who Want To Retire Well Need Practice Growth

Are You A Courageous Dentist?

SmileDirectClub Loses In Georgia

Are You Confused About Dental Marketing?

Why You Aren’t PASSIONATE About Dentistry Anymore

Why Aren’t You Getting The Dental Patients You Want?

Dental HIPAA Violations Are No Joke

Are You A Hero To Your Dental Patients?

Are Dental Infographics Worth The Trouble?

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of “Der Google”

ClearCorrect Marches On

Is Your Dental Practice Prepared For Something Like This?

Calling All Orthodontists And Clear Aligners Prescribers

It’s Time For Orthodontists and Dentists To Think Seriously About Practice Marketing

Do Dentists Do Better Without Accepting Dental Insurance?

Coming Soon To A Dental Office Near You

Make Those Summer Dental Specials REALLY Pay Off

What’s Your “Dream” Dental Practice?

What Are Your Dental Patients Saying About You Online?

You’re A Dentist. Why Waste Your Time On Marketing?

Something For The Uncertain Dentist

Why More New Dental Patients Aren’t Necessarily Better

SmartBox Has The “What The Whut?” For Dental Practices

What’s The State Of Your Dental Practice “Union?”

It’s Time To Rethink How And WHY You Practice Dentistry

Where Do You See Your Dental Practice In 5 Years?

What’s In A Name? SmartBox Is Now A Practice Growth Company!

Dentistry Should Be Fun… Dammit!

Stop Cursing Your Dental Marketing!

The Best Of Dentistry, The Worst Of Dentistry

Don’t Fall For This Dental Marketing “Trick”

What Goes Up WILL Come Down

Dentists Don’t Fail, Their Plans Fail

Don’t Get “Faked Out” By Your Marketing Numbers

What’s In Your Dental Blog?

The Cost Of Transforming Your Dental Practice Is Only Going To Increase

What Magic Dental Marketing Gimmick Did You Fall For?

What’s Choking Your Dental Practice?

How Solid Is Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation?

You CAN Have Everything You Want

Are You Ready For The Coming “Whatever?”

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Generate BUZZ For Your Practice

Didja Hear About Colin’s New Book?

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #10

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #9

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #8

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #7

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #6

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #5

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #4

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #3

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #2

SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company

2019: The Year You CONQUER

Your Dental Practice Can OWN 2019

Give Yourself The Gift That Keeps Giving Back

The Importance Of Keeping Your Dental Practice Up To Date

Do You Really Need To Accept Dental Insurance?

What Do You Really Want Out Of Dentistry?

The Future of Dentistry FOR YOU Is What You Make It

Chart A New Path For Your Dental Practice

Stopping The Decline of Private Dental Practices

Dentists Should Recognize Their Own Value

Why Aren’t You Practicing The Dentistry You Want?

Paint A New “Picture” Of Dentistry For Yourself

The Future of Dentistry in The United States, Part 6

The Future of Dentistry in The United States, Part 5

The Future of Dentistry in The United States, Part 4

The Future of Dentistry In The United States: Part 3

The Future of Dentistry In The United States: Part 2

The Future of Dentistry In The United States: Part 1

What Happens To Your Dental Practice If Things Go Smash?

Is Your Dental Marketing Data-Driven?

Aspen Dental Rolls On... Toward Your Practice

The Point Of No Return

Today’s Internet: Yours, Mine, and Theirs

Why Play A Game You Can’t Win?

The Corporate Dental Train Is Picking Up Steam

Yeah, That’s Not Right…

Ultimate Dental Practice Success Is Within Your Reach

The Future Of Dentistry FOR YOU Is What You Make It

What Do You Really Want Out Of Dentistry?

Chart A New Path For Your Dental Practice

Dentists Should Recognize Their Own Value

Stopping The Decline of Private Dental Practices

Paint A New “Picture” Of Dentistry For Yourself

Why Aren’t You Practicing The Dentistry You Want?

Dentists Can Labor Less, Earn More

Are You Finding “Drill and Fill” Unfulfilling?

When This Isn’t The Dentistry You Expected

Dentists Should Stop “Selling” Themselves Short

Beat Corporate Dentistry At YOUR Own Game

How Much Will Your Dental Practice Bring At Sale?

The Golden Age Of Dentistry Is Something You Can Make

What Kind Of Dental Practice Do You WANT?

How You’re Wasting Your Dental Marketing Dollars

Fix The Hole In Your Dental Practice Marketing

Why Do Dentists Do This To Their Practices?

Those Aren’t The Dental Patients Who Will Grow Your Practice

How You Can Enjoy The Journey To Success As A Dentist

What Will Your Dental Practice Do With the Last 5 Months of 2018?

What’s Keeping Dentists Awake At Night?

It’s Your Bat And Ball In The Dental Practice Game

Why Good Dental Associates Go Solo

Don’t Wait Until Retirement To Get Time Away From Your Dental Practice

What Dentists Don’t Know Can Hurt Their Practices

How You’re Sabotaging Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence

Did Google Change the Rules About Online Dental Reviews?

Your Prospects Don’t Speak “Dental Fruit Salad”

Your Dental Office Front Staff is Good, But Not That Good

Your Dental Prospects Need To Know 3 Things

How’s That Flood of Low-Value Dental Patients Going?

The Dental Marketing Grass Isn’t Always Greener

How Did You Enjoy Your Day Away From the Dental Practice?

Declare Your Independence From Bad Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing Tactical Hell Is No Place To Be

Stand By for the Q2 2018 SmartBox Challenge Results!

Your Dental Practice Needs More 5-Star Reviews

Will Your Dental Prospects Find You in Local Search?

She Doesn't Know

There’s More to Life Than Discount Dentistry

Why Should Dentists Have to Work So Hard?

Is Your Dental Practice Marketing Preparing You for Retirement?

What Would You Give for Time Away From Your Dental Practice?

Dentistry Doesn’t Have to be A Hassle

The Keys to Ultimate Dental Practice Success

Appoint Every Possible New Dental Patient Caller

The Key to Maximizing Your Dental Marketing ROI

The Race is OFF for Dentists

Can You Really Work Just 3 Days a Week as a Dentist?

Just Focus On Doing The Dentistry

Handle More of the Dental Cases You Love to Do

Time Away From Your Dental Practice Isn’t a Myth

Will Dental Insurance Soon Be "Discounted" To Those Who Brush and Floss Daily?

These Aren’t the Dental Prospects You’re Looking For

That's the Kind of Porsche that Dentists Drive

Is It Time to Add An Associate Dentist?

What’s in Your New Dental Patient Pipeline?

Find a Dental Marketing Firm That Can Put All the “Stuff” Together

Is This The Future of Dentistry?

Did You Go to Dental School to Write Marketing Content?

What Does It Take to Get Better Dental Patients?

Could 2018 Be the Year of the Woman Dentist?

Is Your Dental Practice Positioned to Profit?

Let’s Cut Through the Dental Marketing “Smoke and Mirrors”

Think Those New Dental Graduates Aren’t Coming?

Put Your Dental Marketing On Autopilot

Your Online Dental Content Has To Rock

What Are Your Patients And Prospects Saying About You Online?

Where Your Dental Marketing Dollars Are Wasted

What’s In Your Dental Marketing?

Did You Hear About Colin’s New Dental Marketing Book?

The Changing Facebook Equation For Dentists

Dental Practice Success Is Within Your Front Office’s Grasp

Keep Your Dental Practice Solid in Good Times and Bad

The Times, They Are a’Changing For Dentists

Dentistry is Too Good a Profession to Be This Bad

What You Really Need To Grow Your Dental Practice

SmartBox $25,000 Challenge Update

What’s Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation?

Is Your Dental Practice Positioned For Success?

Dentists Should Work Less And Enjoy Life More

The Time to Turn Your Dental Practice Around is Now

You Can Handle More Of The Dental Cases You Love To Do

Why Dentists Work Too Hard For Too Long For Too Little

When Dentists’ Retirement Is Just a Fading Dream

Is Your Average Dental Case Value in the Dumps?

Your Dental Testimonial Videos Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Avoid These 4 Dental Marketing Mistakes

The Secret To A Happy Dental Retirement

Why You’re Bleeding Dental Prospects

The SmartBox Challenge is Live!

A Reason for REAL Dentists to Smile

Cialdini’s Principle of Consensus for Dental Practices

Where You’re Losing Too Many New Dental Patients

Your Dental Practice Lives Or Dies By Its Online Reputation

Cialdini’s Principle of Consistency for Dental Practices

Dentists Shouldn’t Have Disappointing Retirements

Don’t Be a Dentist Who’s Stuck In The Past

If Your Dental Practice Is Killing It, Don’t Let Up!

Dentists Should Give It A Rest, Already

What Dentists Must Do To Prepare For 2018

When The Bubble Bursts, Will Your Dental Practice Float Or Sink?

Self-Referrals: Local Search for Prosthodontists

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dentists Who Don’t Do Follow-up Right Lose Prospects

Think Corporate Dentistry Isn’t Coming? Think Again.

Periodontists Must Focus On Local Search

Why You Should Be The “Feel Good” Facebook Dentist

As A Manager, You Make a Good Dentist

Why Orthodontists Must Master Local Search

What Will Your Dental Practice Sell For?

What’s Your Dental Value Proposition?

Kick Your Dental Practice In The Pants

These Aren’t Your Dad’s Dental Patients

Dominate Your Dental Market

What Your Dental Marketing Is Missing

When Dental Retirement Can’t Come Too Soon

How Resilient Is Your Dental Practice?

Delta’s Latest Outrageous Shenanigans

How Much are You Losing to Dental Tourism?

Why You Shouldn’t Be the Hardest-Working Dentist in Town

Why You’re Losing New Dental Patients

What Do Your Dental Patients Want Online?

Don’t Let Your Reputation Be Tarnished by Other Dentists

Are You Battening Down Your Dental Practice’s Hatches?

Can Your Dental Practice Withstand Group Practices?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Dental Content?

Some Not-So-Good News for Dentists

You Catch the “Fish” That Will Take Your Dental Bait

When the Phone Isn’t Your Dental Practice’s Friend

Track Down the Weaknesses in Your Dental Marketing

More is Not Better for Dental Websites

Dentists Who Publish a Book Stand Out

What Do Your Dental Patients Say About Your Practice?

Dental Email Strategies That Work

Should Dentists Take Marketing Into Their Own Hands?

Dentists Have Limited Time to Prepare for the Next Recession

Will You Leave Dentistry A Millionaire?

Dental “Magic Marketing Bullets” Miss The Mark

How to attract patients with dental fear and anxiety to your practice | Dental Economics

Is Retirement a Fading Prospect for Dentists?

What’s Up With Dental Practice Phone Answerers?

Why Aren’t Dentists More Social on Social Media?

Your Dental Practice Isn’t Prepared

Why Aren’t You Enough for Your Dental Practice?

Being the Change I Want to See in the Dental World

The Four Horsemen of Dentistry Are Coming for You

Has Your Dental Website Gone Mobile Yet?

Your Money Is Slipping Through Your Phone Answerers’ Fingers

Why Your Dental Marketing is Failing You

Your Website is Driving Dental Prospects Away

Dentists Have a Big We-We Problem | Dentistry Today

Corporate Dentistry is Coming For You

Avoid These 4 Dental Email Missteps

Your Dental Practice Is Under Siege

Google Dental PPC Ads Aren’t the Only Option

What Story Does Your Dental Marketing Tell?

Your Dental Practice’s Best Contingency Plan

Your Dental Practice Phone is Lot More Expensive Than You Think

The “Voice of the People” Can Be Bad News For Dentists

Dentists Should Keep What They “Catch”

Your Dental Phone Answerers Are Costing You Money

There’s A Storm Coming

Are You Impatient With Your Dental SEO?

Why You’re Losing Dental Prospects

Can Dentists Survive Without Insurance Reimbursement?

Why Don’t Your Dental Prospects Know Your Name?

Is the Single-Dentist Practice Doomed?

Use Long-Tail Dental Keywords or Forget It

Will Gum Disease Treatment Remain a Viable Revenue Stream?

Dentists in Rural Areas Aren’t Safe for Long

SmartBox’s ‘unlimited time off’: a Silicon Valley benefit in the Louisville region | INSIDER LOUISVILLE

New Albany company offer employees unlimited vacation time | NEWS & TRIBUNE

Dentists Must Go HTTPS or Go Home

Will Your Online Dental Content Strategy Fail?

Your Dental Marketing Results Should Be Guaranteed

How’s That Monthly Dental Advertising Thing Going?

How is Your Dental Marketing Company Spending Your Money?

Sell Benefits First, Not the Dental Procedure

Demand Dental Marketing Proof

When Your Dental Content “Muse” is AWOL

Don’t Fall for Dental Marketing Scams

Not All Dental Success is Created Equal

Your Dental Email Subject Lines are Letting You Down

When Dentists Need to Take Drastic Steps

Dentists are #1. Are You?

Dentists Shouldn’t Always Believe Their Self-Talk

Your Dental Patients “Oughta Be in Pictures”

Will Dental Fillings Go the Way of the Dodo?

Is the New Word-of-Mouth Advertising Killing Your Dental Practice?

Google Changes the Rules for Mobile Dental Websites… Again.

Your Online Dental Newsletter: Tried and Found Guilty?

Does Offline Dental Marketing Still Work?

Get Off Your Dental Plateau | Dentistry Today

Why Are Dentists on Social Media Sites That Don’t Deliver?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Lauren

When Your Dental Website Makes You Look Old

Is Your Dental Content Marketing A Help or a Hindrance?

Why Your Dental Reviews Aren’t 5-Stars

Why Are You STILL Wasting Dental Marketing Dollars

Those Young, Hungry Dental Grads

What Dental Patients Want Today

What Will Your Dental Marketing Bring in 2017?

The Year in Dental Marketing

The SmartBox “Between the Years” Post for Dentists

Dental Video Testimonial Disasters

Enhance Your Dental Patients’ Experience to Win

How Dentists Throw Away Marketing Money

Why Your New Dental Patients Have a Voice

6 Winning Blog Tips for Dentists

Why Your Dental Marketing Isn’t Working

Are You Using the RIGHT Dental Keywords?

A Lot to Be Thankful For

In Case You Missed It: The SmartBox $10K Guarantee™

What’s in Your Dental Clinic’s Water?

Why You Should Widen Your Dental Content Marketing Approach

Can You Profit from Unmet Dental Emergency Needs?

What’s your true dental marketing ROI? | Dental Economics

The Dental Amalgam Debate Resurfaces

The Last Refuge is the Last Place Dentists Should Go

Does Your Dental Marketing Firm “Trick” or “Treat?”

Your Online Dental Content Should Guide Your Prospects

Is Dentistry Coming to Drugstores?

Google Hates Mobile Dental Pop-Up Ads

Is All the Hype About Corporate Dentistry True?

Why Your Dental Practice Must Be Patient-Centric

Your New Dental Patients May Be Dropping Like Flies

Use Phone Tracking to Improve Your Appointment Rates | Dentistry Today

Dental Marketing Shouldn’t Be All About Dentistry

Your One Advantage Over New Dental School Grads

So You Want to Automate Your Dental Marketing

Who Are Your Ideal Patients, and Why Aren’t You Seeing Them?

How’s Your Dental Case Acceptance Rate?

Does Word-of-Mouth Get New Dental Patients?

Get Them Reading Your Dental e-Newsletter: 4 Tips

Why Aren’t You a “Dental Destination?”

Where Do You Come Up with Your Dental Content Ideas?

7 Must-Do’s for Your Dental Social Media Writing

If You’re Going to Labor, Labor in a Rich Vein

Inside the 'Box: Meet Deana

Young, Hungry, and Loaded with Dental School Debt

Is Your Phone Bleeding Your Dental Practice?

3 Social Media Trends for Dentists

Your new patients are falling through the cracks | Dental Economics

WHAT Do Your Dental Patients Want?

Are You on Dental Marketing “Overwhelm?”

Inside the 'Box: Meet Robin

Introducing: The SWM $10,000 Guarantee

Inside the 'Box: Meet Michael

Master Google’s Rules to Attract More Patients

Image Advertising Attracts Long-Term Patients

What’s Missing in Your Dental Marketing?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Ty

The “ONE” Key to Dental SEO?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Kaylee

Definitely Different Dental Videos Do Well With Prospects

Google’s Not-so-Dentist-Friendly Mobile Algorithm

Inside the 'Box: Meet Alli

The Eternal Quest for More Dental Patients

Inside the 'Box: Meet Cindy

Root Canals Can be a REAL Pain for Dental Patients

Inside the 'Box: Meet Jason

Are You Underutilizing Your Dental Newsletter?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Ed

Broaden Your Social Media Reach

Inside the 'Box: Meet Tim

“Spray and Pray” Dental Marketing is Done

Inside the 'Box: Meet Lawrence

“Drip” on Your Dental Patients

We Must Indeed Hang Together

Inside the 'Box: Meet Bill

DMT (Dental Marketing Tracking), Phone Home!

Inside the 'Box: Meet Lori

You, Dental Author?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Sam

Where the Dental Profits Go

Inside the 'Box: Meet Landon

Bright, Shiny Dental Objects

Inside the 'Box: Meet Chelsea

Should You Join a Group Dental Practice?

Dentist Self-Care

Inside the 'Box: Meet Teresa

The Disciplined Dentist

Inside the 'Box: Meet Stephen

The Power of Lists in Dental Content Marketing

Inside the 'Box: Meet Ashley Best

Are You Living "Hand to Mouth?"

Inside the 'Box: Meet Matt French

What Dentists Sacrifice

Your Marketing Needs More than a Dental “Hammer”

Inside the 'Box: Meet Kevin

Is Your Dental Marketing Content Out of Context?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Gary

Don’t be a Dental “Joke”

Inside the 'Box: Meet Ryan

“Shock & Awe” for Better Case Acceptance

Inside the Box: Meet Stacey

Is Your Dental Practice Playing Telephone Roulette?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Stuart

When the ADA is the Source of Infection

Inside the 'Box: Meet Rachel

Become the “Pre-eminent” Dentist!

Inside the 'Box: Meet Jin

Dentists Look to Digital (Ad Spending)

Inside the 'Box: Meet Sean

Breaking Free from the Dental Herd

Inside the 'Box: Meet Christina

What Google’s Slaying of Right-side Ads Means for Dentists

Dental Headlines that Hook! 4 Tips

Inside the 'Box: Meet Seth

Facebook is Just a Part of the Dental Sales Funnel

Inside the 'Box: Meet Sarah

Your Dental Practice is Failing for a Reason

Inside the ‘Box: Meet Alex

Happy Dentist, Happy Life?

Inside the 'Box: Meet Rebekah

3 Tips for Getting Personal with Your New Dental Patients

Inside the 'Box: Meet Matt

The Kiss of Death for Dental Practices

Introducing: "Inside the 'Box"

“Deep Learning” Promises to Change Search Ranking Process

“Non-Specialty” Dental Specialists: Texas Court Changes the Playing Field

Wrap-around Dental Marketing

Internet Growth Threatens Dentists’ Profits

Don’t Be “The Masked Dentist”

3 Must-Do Tech Trends for Dentists in 2016

“Postcard” Marketing for Dentists: Wish You Were Here?

How Siri, Cortana and Google Now May Blow Up Your Online Dental Marketing

Three Not-so-Fun Facts About Your Dental Marketing

Ready, Fire, Aim! 6 Mistakes Dentists Make with Their Marketing

Why are Dentists’ Incomes Continuing to Fall?

Cosmetic Dentistry: A “Bright” Future for Dentists?

Organic Search or Social Media? Investment Decisions for Dentists

Dental Videos: 4 Essential Qualities for Your “Stars”

Is Your Dental Staff’s Communication Costing You Patients?

Is Your Audience Optimized? Facebook’s New Tool for Dentists

What’s The Last Thing a Dentist Wants to Hear?

Are You a “Legendary” Dentist?

Be Iconic! To Succeed, You Must Risk Failure

STAND-OUT Marketing: 8 Things to Know

“Explainer” Videos: Scaring Patients Away Since Forever

Pay-Per-Click: What the Pros Do

When Less is More: The Two Modes of Attention

Turn Down the NOISE!

Search Ranking Won’t Put Butts in Chairs

Mobile Website Fails: Do’s and Don’ts

Have a Truly Happy New Year

How Did Santa Treat You?

Peace in Your Heart

Dental Blogs: 10 Things Patients Hate

Keyword Rankings for Dentists: Meh.

Dentistry’s Black Friday: Offering Discounts and Deals

What You Must Know about Call Tracking

Remain Calm! 10 Tips for Successful Dentists

Retool Your Game Like Arnold Palmer

A Winning Strategy: Plan 1 Goal at a Time

The Turkey Day That Was

What are YOUR Patient Attraction Assets?

The Secret of Special Offers

4 Things to Lose in Your Ads

What Patients Want in Your Ads: 4 Things

It’s a Crime, Eh? Don’t Send Unauthorized Email to Canadians

Resist the Lure of Discounted Fees

The Four Pillars of Online Marketing Success, Part 2

The Four Pillars of Online Marketing Success

Dental Practice Blogging: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid

Why Knowing Isn’t Enough and What You Can Do About It

The Heart Surgeon vs. The Used Car Salesman

Lessons from My Toilet

Bad Address! No Patient Contact.

4 Attitudes of Small Business Owners

Your Dental Marketing: 6 Horrible Mistakes

Social Media: What’s Working for Dental Practices

Got Too Much Money? Here’s a Way to Waste It.

A Goof Can Become a Gain: 8 Tips

Keep Them Watching: A 3-step Formula for Your Videos

Meeting Customer Service Expectations: 6 Tips for Dentists

The Marketing Pyramid: Success Tips

The Iceman: What He Can Teach About Dental Marketing

Boost Your SEO: Five Must-Do Things

Google My Business: Cross-platform Evolution

The Fruits of Your Labor

Two Shocking Facts about Dental Marketing

Unsubstantiated Claims: A Marketing “Oops” to Avoid

Let the Government Help You Market FOR FREE

Paid Search: What Dentists Need to Know

Making Dale Carnegie Proud: Influencer Marketing Tips

Using Freelance Writers: Hirer, Beware!

Scannable Text: The Basics

What You Can Learn from Early Toothpaste Marketing

Pro Tip: Dodge that Magic Bullet!

“I Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But We’re Making Great Time.”

DON’T Take Your Patients’ Money – and Profit!

Working Hard May Not Get You Where You Want

10 Lessons from Dental Successes and Failures

You Fix Much More Than Teeth

3 Things Patients Want From You

Attracting New Patients: The Gift of Trust

Are You Running Off Patients? 5 Things to Know

This Incredible Discovery Should Outrage You

Build Your “Field of Dreams”

Do You Have the 9 Traits of a Confident Dentist?

Overcoming Patients’ Preconceived Notions

10 Reasons Your Patients are Complaining Publicly, Part 2

Counting Down the 10 Reasons Your Patients Complain Publicly

Alphabet Soup Doesn’t Attract New Patients

Your Role Changes as Your Business Grows

Increase Your Email Conversions: 4 Tips

SEO: The Must-Knows for Dentists

And the Race is On...

Twitter May Not Mean Twit for Your Marketing

The Power of Short Videos for Your Marketing

Marketing Basics: 7 Critical Things for Everyone

Who Reads What Online? 4 Surprising Statistics

Google Changes Ad Design. Is It for You?

Do What You Love AND Succeed

Make Your Slowest Months Average Months

Your Website Has Little Time to Make a First Impression

Chasing the Wild Goose for Dental Patients

Be the Captain of the Boat You Build

Don’t Get Burned by Your Marketing Company

Piddle Around or Lead?

Upsell Like McDonald’s and Reap the Rewards

Guilt-Free Selling

Make Potential Patients Offers They Can’t Resist

Lifecycle Marketing for Dental Practices

Take the Long View With Your Marketing

Marketing to the “Untapped” Dental Patient Pool

The “Mythical” New Dental Patient: Location and Marital Status

The “Mythical” New Dental Patient: Age and Race

The “Mythical” New Dental Patient: The Proof is Out There

Surprising Statistics: Smartphone Usage Beats TV Time

Seth Godin and I Agree: Sell Value

Facebook Marketing EXPOSED! Must-Know Information.

It’s a “Right” Numbers Game

What Do Dental Patients Want?

Dig Deeper for Email Addresses!

Don’t Get Pseudo-”Spoofed” with Your Marketing Emails

Why Aren’t Your Emails Read? Five Tips

Don’t Let “Bad Luck” Hit Your Email Marketing

Better Email Marketing: Four Tips and a Tool

Establishing Your Authority as an Expert Online

Good Web Copy Attracts Patients

The “Math-ive” Destruction of Dental Practices

Simplifying Your Dental Practice Growth Investment Decisions

Revealed: The Secret to Attracting More Dental Patients!

Three Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice

Women Outperform Men on Social Media: Six Key Findings

Your Google Ranking: Three Things to Know

Sell Your Ideas! The Seven Triggers to “Fascination,” Continued

Sell Your Ideas! The Seven Triggers to “Fascination.”

2014: Closing Thoughts on Dental Marketing

Best Holiday Wishes from All of Us at SmartBox

How to Feel Good About “Selling” Dental Procedures

Great Cases, Great Mood!

Are You Lost Online? Effective SEO Can Change That!

Social Media: Who Are You Marketing To?

Stop Chasing Dental Prospects: Attract Them Instead!

The Single Biggest Difference Between You and Multimillionaire Dentists

A Panda Can Be Your Friend (If You Feed It Right)

Dental Video Testimonials: Benefit from Their Tremendous Impact

Develop a Dental Marketing “Strategy of Champions”

Are You Ready to Charge Your Practice?

Let Your Ego Go, Watch Your Ego Grow

How to Win Big With Your Content

Stop Being Comfortable, Start Getting Patients

You’ll Be Surprised How Little Your Opinion Is Worth

Lose Your Ego, Grow Your Practice

A Surprising Recommendation from a Web Marketing Expert

Your 'Established' Website Could Be Losing You Patients

What Everyone Should Know About Scraping

Research Proves Smiles Improve People’s Lives (part 2)

Research Proves Smiles Improve People’s Lives

How to Make Patients' 3 Wishes Come True

Know How Others See You Online

Shocking Statistics About Video’s Effectiveness

All Aboard the Train to Profitability

Urgent Action Isn’t as Important as Important Action is Urgent

History Gives an Essential Lesson on the Future of Marketing

Become One of the Rich Who Get Richer

Surprising Statistics Show Pay-Per-Click Retargeting Advertising Isn’t a Great Deal

Now I Can Say I Told You So About Facebook

Here’s a Quick Way to Get Your Name in the News

3 Numbers That Will Lead to More and Better Patients

Survey Numbers Validate the Secrets We’ve Been Sharing with Clients for Years

3 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Ask

Amazing Insights Into What the Year Holds for Social Media Marketing

9 Surprising Social Media Marketing Predictions and How They Affect You

Get Rid of the Price Objection Once and for All

Standing out is critical to reaching new patients

How to Hit the Marketing Bull’s-eye

Are You Dooming Your Marketing Before It Even Begins (part 2)

3 Answers Tell You if You Are Dooming Your Marketing Before It Even Begins

3 Easy Things That Will Get You More Press Coverage

1 Easy Way Keeping It Real Can Get You Real Results

Here is a Method That is Helping Dentists Market 'Internationally'

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Dentists are spending more of their time doing more non-clinical "stuff" than ever before

June Newsletter, Edition 23 Released

Memorial Day 2012: Alaskan Killer Whales & Fishing Lures

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Dr. John Argeros' Swift Kick! Dental Website & Marketing Critique

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YellowPages Death Watch

You May Not Need Another Website

"I have forwarded our website on to a number of my orthodontic friends asking them to give you a call."

Google to Begin Penalizing for Excessive SEO

Colin Interviews Dr. Woody Oakes

The 180 Degree Dental Mindset

What are differentiators?

How to use the YellowPages in 2012

Dr. Woody Oakes: Colin basically is a genius on all types of marketing and he has various products and dvd's that dentists across the country are using.

Colin interviewed by DentistryIQ last month on his latest book

Is Your Website a Big Wewe?

March Newsletter Out

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"We took your bailout money, and your mortgage rates are going up."

Are you "Da Man" Online?

Savvy Dentist from Jacksonville in our Video Studio

How To Get More Dental Patient Reviews on Google

Books In Books Out

Know your ROI Backwards Forwards Upwards & Downwards

Summit Practice Solutions Launches New Website

SWM Press Center Launched

Legions of "Dental Marketers" Are Getting It All Wrong

New Book Shows Dentists the Secrets of Google's Panda Update

New Dental Marketing Guide Shows Why Eliminating Outdated Marketing is Critical To Stay Profitable in the New Economy

The Yellowpages is Dead

Google Announces Major Algorithm Change, 35% Affected

Google Might Be Penalizing You For Being Slow

Local Search Evolved [infographic]

Do You Want Impressions & Clicks or Dollars In Your Pocket?

Why Content Fuels SEO (and feeds the Panda)

How To Put a Face On Your Dental Practice

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Dr. Randy Schmidt on SWM & Colin Receveur

Google Panda Loves Your Video

2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Doing Video

Why Aren't More Dentists Using Video on Facebook?

How To Work More and Make Less Money

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Searching for a Rembrandt

How a Ghost Writer Can Maximize Your Book's Potential

You Have 3 Seconds to Convince 50% of Your Patients

Using “Second Chance Tweets” To Increase Your Page Views by an Extra 50%

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Stepping Away from the 'Me Too' Mindset - Stand Out from the Crowd

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Gary Vaynerchuk on Morton Steakhouse's Viral Marketing Stunt

Reaching Out to Your Local Community with Video

Google Me on the Web for your Dental Practice

Google rolls out Behavorial Targetting for AdWords

What Google +1 Means for your Dental Practice Website

A Quick Facebook Profile Tip

What is a "Green Screen" and Why do You Want It?

What is this Web 3.0?

Facebook and Twitter for Dental Offices

Latest Book Available for Pre-Order until August 15!

Is It Raining Where Your Customers Live?

Why Content is Still King

Keeping the Wind in Your Sales

Google Dumps DemandForce, Yelp, other 3rd Party Reviews

New from Amazon + Video Marketing Book Shipping

It’s Nice to be “Liked”

Scheduling Tweets, Blogs and Updates To Save Your Sanity

Embrace Video on Your Web Site

Video Optimization Using Keywords

Why You Need to be on YouTube

These Four Questions Will Make or Break Your Website

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet

Getting into Web Video

Do you really need videos on your site as well as YouTube?

Visibility Where You Live

The Influence of Social Media

Syndicate Your Video All At Once!

"I'm stunned people don't recognize how obnoxiously big this is.."

California Stops Automatic Delivery of the Phone Book

AOL Keyword: SmartBox

Why the Yellow Pages Are Only Good for Lining a Birdcage

3 Cups of Tea? I'll take Twelve, Please.

Getting to know your ROI

Your practice design – a good marketing tool

Google +1: Know Your Demographics

Dr. Andoni Guisasola, Dentist in Spain - Testimonial for Colin Receveur & SmartBox Web Marketing

How to Use Google Instant to Your Advantage

Does Your Practice Need a Mobile App or Website?

Critical SEO Steps for Your Dental Practice

Internet Advertising Revenues Hit $7.3 Billion in Q1 ’11

YouTube Boasts 3 BILLION Videos Watched -- Per Day

Online Marketing: A Vital Tool for Ailing Traffic

SEO isn't just for your homepage

Factors in Mobile Web Design

Web 3.0 Books In!

If Content is King, Video is Queen

99.5% of Social Media Experts are Clowns

How to Quickly Fail at Facebook with your Dental Practice

A Cliché That Is Costing You Money

Keep Your Stuff Fresh

The Lifecycle of the Phonebook

Testimonial for SmartBox by Dr. Jason Hecht

Facebook For Your Dental Practice 101

Video Helps You Outrun Your Competition

Page 1 of Google with.. Video?

Social Media and the Dentist

Hashtags and Twitter

How many of your prospects are Mobile Searching?

Evolution of the Web

Wikipedia is a real Bible of the modern society

Little Work Little Play in The Big Apple

Google to Retire Tags

Up To Date and On the Fly – We’ve Made You Mobile!

The Continued Evolution of Personalized Search

InfusionCon, Bill Glazer and False Internet Prophets

Advertising With All of the Right Ingredients Will Run You Out of Business

No Updates Since November?

Who is SmartBox?

SmartBox Dental Marketing - What We Do

SEO for Dentists

AOL Extends Google Search Deal +5 Years

Professionals, amateurs and the great unwashed

Re-Targeting Advertisments

Yahoo’s Results Now Come From Bing

Eye Tracking Study Shows Importance Of Search Snippets

Google Doubles Pace Of Acquisitions In 2010

Google Updating Search Results As You Type

Official: Google Now Lets One Domain Dominate Search Results

Testimonial for SmartBox Web Marketing by Dr. James McAnally

Thought for the day

Use Infusionsoft? Checkout our One Click Opt-In Script!

Data use on cell phones up 50%

Google Mobile Search Market Share Near 100%

YouTube Increasing Upload Limit from 10 to 15 Minutes

UK Government departments spend £6m on search engines

Goodbye Yellow Google AdWords Background & Hello Purple Backgrounds

Write Your First Email Line Like a Tweet to Grab Interest

Facebook claims half a billion members

Google Maps Adds Built-In URL Shortening

Google May Use Mouse Movements to Influence Search Rankings

NYC's Sexiest Billboard Doesn't Care For Dumphones

Add "Scam" to Your Searches When Checking out a Business, Product, or Web Site

Google Tags - "Highlighting" Your Business

I'm on the Map, are You?

The Importance of Copywriting in Web Design

Technology firms 'more trusted than traditional media'

Coming Soon: Web Ads Tailored to Your ZIP+4

How Does Google Adwords Really Work?

From Facebook to $$$$

Researchers Create Social Engineering IRC Bot

Social Media Revolution 2

Twitter Buys Analytics Company

New Google Search Index 50% Fresher With Caffeine

Microsoft Office 2010 Will NOT Support Windows XP

Zetetics: Phone Call Lead Tracking

Military Taps Social Networking To Hunt Insurgents

Facebook Growth By Age Group: Share of College-Age Users is Declining

AT&T Set to Cancel Unlimited Data Plans

Amazon Seeks 1-Nod Ordering Patent

Does the Internet Make Humanity Smarter Or Dumber?

Microsoft Cancels Bing Cashback Program

The Apple Broadcast Network

Google Says It Generates $54 Billion for U.S. Economy

Ballmer Says Microsoft Wasted Time On Vista

IE Market Share Falls To Historic Low

Bing Loses More Money As Microsoft Chases Google

Fake Antivirus Peddlers Outpacing Real AV Firms

Google Traffic Dominates the Internet

Google TV Is Coming to Your Living Room

Facebook Ousts Google As Most Popular Web Site

New Site Launch!

Microsoft Says, Don't Press the F1 Key In XP

Parisian Love - Google

HoneyGrid Reveals 95% of User Generated Content is Spam or Malicious

De-Anonymizing Social Network Users

Tracking Browsers Without Cookies Or IP Addresses?

Twitter Intros Local Trends

Facebook, Attorney General of California, and Web 3.0

How you can find SmartBox??!

The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by Their 20s

12 Things Made Obsolete This Decade

Adding an authorized user to your Google Analytics account

Each American Consumed 34 Gigabytes Per Day In '08

Failure Rate Study in Netbooks and Notebooks

Microsoft Office 2010 to Include Social Networking

Your Business & Social Media

The accelerating decline of newspapers

Better Twitter Results in Google Search

Microsoft Reaches Deal To Bring Twitter And Facebook Data To Bing

Google Analytics Gets a Bunch of New Features

Madison Avenue: Applying Traditional Marketing Best Practices to Search Marketing

Are All 800 Numbers Treated Equal?

Quickly view formatted PDFs in your Google search results

Massive Phishing Attack Steals Millions of Passwords

Why women rule social networking

Tracking Offline Marketing through Google Analytics

Extracting Exact Keywords Searched from Google Adwords & Analytics

The Rocky Mountain Bank Incident

Just wrote a Sidewiki

Why SmartBox? And what is "Web Marketing"?

Local Online Advertising with SmartBox - Final Cut!

Microsoft says "Too Old" to Critical Update for Windows XP

Dominating the Search Engines for Local Businesses across the US

Chapter 3 - SmartBox Web Marketing

A testimonial from a SmartBox client

Chapter 2 - SmartBox Web Marketing

Is dominating Google

Today's Google Outage - And Who Really Cares?

Why AT&T Killed Google Voice

New Logitech mice operate wherever

I Reduce Traffic Jams

Mydoom Virus Variant to Wipe Your Hard Drive Friday

7 Critical Secrets To Safe-Guarding Your Wireless Router

Jeez my computer died what do I do?

"Who Bought My Data?!"

Windows 7 Licensing a "Disaster" For XP Shops

Microsoft to Release Record Setting Number of Critical Security Updates

Microsoft to Excel Users: Wiggle Your Mouse

Password Stealer Found on New Netbooks

Gartner tells businesses: forget about Vista

ARS TECHNICA: 2009 Flash Drive Roundup

Microsoft's Life Cycle for Windows - The Death of 2000, and soon XP.

Researchers Find Massive Botnet On Nearly 2 Million Infected Consumer, Business, Government PCs

Conficker Launches April 1 (and no this isn't a joke)

Conficker Worm Gets an Evil Twin

Microsoft Slaps $250K Bounty On Conficker Worm

The Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Program

"Conficker" Infects 9 Million Over the Weekend

The Internet GateKeepers at Google

Which Web Browser is King?

Microsoft Takes 7 Years to Release Security Patch

Windows 7 Benchmarks Show Little Improvement On Vista

Recession Proof: Improving Your ROI during down periods