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Do you ever find yourself saying, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to”? From cars to appliances, things from the past just seem to go the distance. They’re the tried-and-true go-tos we know work every time. 

This is why we’re bringing back a story from the past that’s still relevant today, in hopes it’ll give you some inspiration for the New Year – which is a mere three days away.

This is the story of Dr. Tom Peterson, otherwise known as the Wealthiest Dentist in the World. And his story is one that’s not doom and gloom. It’s not meant to scare you into action, but rather give you a chance to see what’s possible with the right mindset.

Much like you, Dr. Peterson worked hard. Very hard. For decades he toiled at his practice. While he did quite well, he wasn’t enjoying it. You see, being the wealthiest dentist for him didn’t mean fancy cars and expensive boats. For Dr. Peterson, it meant working less, spending more time with his family, and still making a very good living. 

Despite ups and downs in the economy, and insurance calling the shots at other practices, Dr. Peterson cut his days in the office down to two a week and still managed to put over $2 million in his pocket — AFTER TAXES. 

His success is not magic, it didn’t happen overnight, and he didn’t do anything wild to get these results. He simply decided he’d had enough of the grind, and chose to do things a little differently. 

What was so different? Dr. Peterson figured out how to increase his velocity of production. 

Ummm, what does that even mean?

It means he started moving more money into his practice faster (you won’t get that with insurance), in more volume (think specialty services, premium treatments, etc.), without working harder (higher case values + more often = working less for greater wealth).    

It took a few years for his practice to really take off after these changes, but now Dr. Peterson can literally take off whenever he likes knowing his practice is financially stable. Who doesn’t want that?

If this oldy but goody of a report has escaped you, you can grab a copy here to discover the steps Dr. Peterson took to end the rat race and start enjoying life. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on the possibilities going into 2023? We think so.

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