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Are you inspired by what others have instead of envious? Does it push you to try harder, look for different ways of doing things, or set goals to meet or exceed those of your peers? 

It’s that time of year when a lot of us reflect on the good in our lives, and we feel thankful for what we have. Our families, friends, a successful practice, and a great team – to name a few. 

But we’d like to challenge you to be thankful for things you could have, might have, or wish to have in the coming months. This could include better cases, more staff, increased collections, better health (so you’re not stressed out all the time), or freedom from insurance companies. 

Wanting more for yourself and your practice is natural, and admiring what others have can be just the push you need to make it happen.    

If there’s anything we’ve learned from working with thousands of dental professionals, it’s that you want a return for all your hard work — and maybe a well-deserved break from the dental grind.

We’ve partnered with doctors to help them grow their practice in many ways:

  • Cutting out the insurance middleman
  • Attracting high-value cases
  • Hiring the best dental talent
  • Growing their collections year-over-year 

All of these marketing strategies resulted in lowered stress, more wealth, and more time for loved ones. And it’s because these doctors realized what they could have with a little effort – and help from us, of course.

So while you’re preparing to spend another holiday with family and friends, ask yourself, “Is there anything I don’t yet have that I’d like to be thankful for in the coming months?” And then talk with us. We’ll help you get there.   

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