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"The first thing I was most interested in was your ability to do the auto-responders.

Other companies couldn’t do that. I knew that because I’ve been in business and marketing I really wanted to be able to track the patient when they click. I wanted to be able to stay in touch with them. And no one else, to my knowledge, did that.

First and foremost, you seemed to grasp what was needed, and that’s staying in touch with the prospect. With me, being in a new office, there were a number of steps I had to take. My current website is just a company. You know, just get me something. I knew that. But I have no web presence. I don’t know anything about Facebook or LinkedIn. So I’ve been waiting for the right time and everything to do the whole web presence thing.

The lead-in from the time of scheduling this day was very helpful, all the emails, the little coaching points. The steps of what I needed to do was very well written and easy to follow. So, the scheduling in the 45 minute increments was very good. My only homework was just to call the people and get them in. But your little coaching as far as how to call them and what to say was right on the money.

And also, just connected education rather than just giving them…the internet is full of information. I think that’s what most dentists are doing and most of our services are becoming so much of a commodity. There needs to be a relationship with each person best we can." - Dr. David Dinsmore, Colorado


Written by rcarroll

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