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Dr. Woody Oakes: "Colin is a genius on all types of marketing and he has several books and dvd's that dentists across the country are using."

Colin basically is a genius on all types of marketing, is the CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing, and he has various products and dvd's that dentists across the country are using. He has some really great products. His father is a dentist and is one of the three dentists in town I would trust to do my own dentistry. The unique thing about Colin is since his father is a dentist, he has this ideal playground to test new ideas and marketing on before rolling it out to the rest of his clients.

On Colin's Book "How To Stay In Front Of Your Patients Until They Are Ready To Buy": Patients have to have 7 positive interactions with you before they actually buy or do business. SO that means they see your billboard, they see your Twitter, they see your website, and so on...

On Colin's Book "The Dentists' Strategy Guide to Video Marketing": Websites with video are 53 times more likely to have a first page ranking on Google. And Google bought YouTube for for 3 or 4 billion dollars? I interviewed the highest producing solo dentist in the country and one of the things he is doing is taking his TV commercials and putting them on YouTube, and of course that boosts his ranking, and those commercials are on his website as well.
Dr. Woody Oakes, President, The Profitable Dentist & Excellence in Dentistry


Written by rcarroll