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It’s December 1. Do you know what state your practice is in? If you’ve been running on fumes all fall, your tank is going to sputter to a stop before you get to the finish line. 

Professionals know that going into a new year worn out is like going to your gym right after you take a dose of melatonin. No matter how determined you are to complete a set of reps, you’ll be asleep before you count to ten.

Want to avoid falling asleep at the wheel? Then you need to plan for 2023 success. Now. In fact, you might be behind the eight ball if you haven’t done anything to prepare for the continued staffing challenges, pesky inflation, the insurance middleman, etc. 

Research tells us that other doctors are thinking and planning for 2023 with goals such as:

  • Cutting back office hours
  • Reducing participation in low-paying PPO insurance plans
  • Expanding procedures offered
  • Relying on associate dentists for hygiene rather than battling the staffing crunch
  • Reducing overhead with calculated inventory control  
  • Hiring a great team that will stay
  • Revamping their marketing efforts to attract better cases and patients


Any of the goals sound familiar?

If you’re on the fence, you’ll miss out on making any real change until after the New Year…and who wants to make a new start with stale champagne? 

Too tired to make any changes? We know the feeling, and that’s why SmartBox exists. We take the marketing off your hands so you can do dentistry. Making changes for the start of 2023 needs to start now. 

If you want to give your practice a marketing boost, we can help. If you want a new website to attract high-value cases, we can help. If you want to promote specialty services that bring in higher profits, we can help. See the pattern? 

2023 should start with a bang when you take the right steps. When you don’t, you’re guaranteed a bust.   

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