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He’s going on another vacation. 

Things are running well at his practice thanks to his team and the systems he has in place. More time with family at their summer cottage, inviting friends over for another clam bake, and hitting a few rounds of golf at the local club has this doctor living the life he once only dreamed about. 

For him, dentistry is a passion that is providing a lifestyle filled with family, friends, and the time and money to relish in it. 

Dentistry wasn’t always picture perfect for this doctor. For a long time he put in long hours, accepted all insurance that came through the door, and he was just going through the motions with routine cases. 

It wasn’t until he was shuffling through some family photos on his social media that he realized his children were growing. And fast! He’d missed soccer games, parties, school plays, and more because he was working so hard to provide for them. 

But what good is that if you can’t enjoy it?

Realizing he was missing out on A LOT of his own life, this dentist slammed on the brakes, and he took a turn down a path much less traveled by the average dentist. 

He discovered a way to adjust his systems to work in harmony, keeping overhead costs down, attracting high value cases, recruiting the best team, and gradually replacing insurance-based cases with fee-for-service patients. 

These strategic moves, taken in small, calculated steps, have given this dentist back his time. He’s producing more but working less. His team is knocking it out of the park, which is giving him freedom to attend those soccer games, school plays, and book a vacation, or two, whenever he wants.

He’s not the only dentist who has figured this out. You have probably seen our report The Wealthiest Dentist in the World floating around. It’s not a promise of instant wealth. It’s a blueprint to create that wealth for your practice using proven steps our most elite dentists use. These dentists produce $4 - $6 million every year, and they certainly have the time to enjoy it.

Grab your copy of the report, and start putting yourself and your family first.

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