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According to a recent Health Policy Institute (HPI) survey, roughly one-third of dentists report that prices for PPE have nearly tripled this year. 

In response, dental practice owners have gotten creative about sourcing lower-cost PPE providers from Amazon and other online retailers. However, with steadily rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, the competition for PPE is almost certain to increase. AS a result, the upward price trend is unlikely to reverse any time soon.

Not All Options Are Good Ones

HPI notes that some dentists are choosing to raise their fees to cover the extra outlay for PPE. That’s understandable, but certainly not the only path and probably not the best one. With unemployment still at very high levels, any additional patient cost can decrease new and even repeat appointments. And case acceptance rates are also likely to decline.

A better option is to attract more, higher-value cases. Despite the high unemployment rate, there are still many patients in your market with the ability to go fee for service for the dental care they want. You’ll need relatively few of those patients to be able to offset the increased price of PPE for all your patients. And, since those more involved cases typically take longer, you’ll actually decrease the amount of PPE you and your team have to use.

Of course, done right, you’ll get far more than a few more better patients.

Not Rocket Surgery, But Not Simple, Either

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