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Ask most dentists how they’ll grow their practices, and the overwhelming answer will be, “Get more patients.” That’s a valid answer, but it’s hardly the only one or even the best. The fact is that there are several proven paths to growing your dental practice; but only one leads to achieving the kind success that leaves you free to enjoy what life has to offer.

Growth Begins With The Dentist-Owner

The attitude with which you approach the question of growth sets the foundation for everything that follows. Colin Receveur has identified four different dentist “types” and popularized them in his recent book, “The CEO Dentist: How To Make More Money While Spending Less Time in Your Practice.”

Some dentists are pretty much coasting, and there’s not a thing wrong with that… except that they won’t achieve a higher level of success and a more comfortable retirement.

Some are so focused on being the ultimate clinician, making every result perfect for every patient, that they’re disrupting their schedules and not getting enough in return for their time.

Still other dentists are nose-to-grindstone, cranking out patient after patient. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that except that their success is limited by how much time they can actually perform dentistry.

The most important point about the three “types” above is that they’re all trading time for money. There’s always more money to be made, but there’s only so much time that any person has. 

The fourth type, the CEO Dentist, has made the decision to stop trading time for money. They’re focused much more on working on the practice rather than in the practice. They’re training up their team, optimizing policies and processes, and creating a team-driven practice, the kind that outperforms the traditional practice by a wide margin.

Stop Trading Time For Money

Success for dentists is determined not only by their practice revenue, but also by the amount of time, and the quality of time, that they have to enjoy life.

Of the four dentist types above, only the CEO dentist will enjoy the kind of lifestyle that most dentists only dream about together with the time to enjoy life.

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The life you’ve always dreamed of awaits.


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