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There's a phenomenon that happens with almost every business, and it should be cause for concern for dental practice owners. 

When a dental practice has its policies and procedures working well; when the team is comfortable and skilled at what they do and how they do it; and when no further change takes place, you have a problem

The problem is that at least some of your competitors aren't standing still; they're continuing to innovate, refine, adapt, and improve. And the practices that offer the best possible patient experience; that can do most things in-house and do them very well; and offer multiple options for communication, appointment scheduling, and payment will thrive.

Like it or not, the only way a practice survives in the long run is to constantly strive to improve.

Well, There's Your Problem

At this point, you might be thinking, "Sure. I'll just add another two hours to my workday so I can figure out how to take the practice to the next level. It's not like I'm seeing patients every waking moment." 

This isn't an instance where more is better. What's needed is a focus on what's next for the practice and how to reach it. That's not all on you. If you've hired the right people, they'll have ideas on how to improve, and they'll be eager to do better. There are two reasons why this is true: they're dedicated to the wellbeing of the patients, and the better the practice does, the more they can potentially earn.

Think incremental improvements rather than a sweeping overhaul of the practice. As long as people have the time to adapt to a change before instituting more changes, they'll do fine.

However, if you don't have people who are self-motivated to improve, you might need some assistance. You'll find some suggestions for how to help your team improve themselves on the Success Academy page on the SmartBox website.


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