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By every indication, dentistry in the U.S. is returning toward normal. For many, it's not quite there yet – the ADA's HPI shows that average patient volume is at 80 percent of pre-pandemic levels overall – but it's reasonably close.

So, here's a very plausible scenario that might apply to you now or in a few months.

Your phones are ringing with enough qualified new patients. Your front office is  scheduling six weeks to three months out.

You and your team are working five days a week (or more), and your chairs are full, or nearly so. The money is coming in nicely. 

Congratulations! You've got it made. This is what success looks like.


Then why are you so TIRED?

Why can't you get a day off?

What happened to having fun outside the practice?

Why are your back and neck slowly beginning to bother you?

Why are work days beginning to be something you endure rather than enjoy?

Your Problem Is (Less Than) Obvious

Your (hypothetical) situation is something that dentists have been led to believe, or come to believe, constitutes success. But it's a type of success that demands everything from you and your people to maintain.  And since all of you are human, all of you will wear down over time. It's inevitable. In some respects, it's a dead-end road.

But this isn't the only kind of success for practice owners, and in fact it's not the best kind… unless you're utterly convinced that you have to work hard to deserve success.

We would respectfully disagree. Working hard for long hours should be a choice, not a job requirement. And it can be a choice – if you begin to fill more of your appointment times with higher-value patients, the kind that make up at least 20-40 percent of almost every market. 

That's something SmartBox has been helping dentists achieve for more than a decade. 

With higher-value patients, you need far fewer patients to make the same revenue. Potentially, you'll make a great deal more without working yourself and your team half to death.

Get started down a new road to success by scheduling a complimentary, 45-minute Practice Growth Call. You and one of our Practice Growth Experts will discuss your goals, the competitive landscape in your market, your budget, and number of other factors. 

Following the call, you'll receive your completely personalized Roadmap to your future success… one that can be less work, more money, and more time to enjoy life. 


Written by Smartbox

SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

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