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Working with lots of dental practices every week, I see a ton of mistakes that dental practices and other "consulting firms" make alike when setting up their Facebook Pages.

In this blog, I'm going to reveal the Top 6 Facebook Failures that I see most frequently, explain to you why these mistakes are running your fans and prospects off, and show you exactly how to fix them.

#1 - No Custom Username Claimed/Setup!

When you setup your Facebook page, you get the option to claim a unique username for your practice. This adds to your brand, looks professional, and allows your visitors to easily type in and find your page.

Without setting up a custom username, you're left with this big long blob of jargon and numbers...

How to fix: You can claim one for your page by going to http://www.facebook.com/username

Here's two examples:

#2 - Not Maximizing Your Space in your Profile Pic!

We see a lot of docs that just upload a picture of themselves, or some stock art to be the "face" of their Facebook page. Truth be told, you have a HUGE area that you can stick a picture in, 180px wide and 540px tall.

Take advantage of this!! Put your pics, your complete office info, and anything else you want to be readily accessible to your prospects and fans.

How to fix: Simply hover your mouse over your profile pic, and in the top right corner you'll see a "Change Picture" link, click on that.

Here's two examples:

#3 - Not Creating & Adding any Extra Pages!

By leaving the pages Facebook creates by default, you are leaving a lot on the table! The pages like Discussion, Pictures, and Friend Activity add nothing to the value of your practice.

By removing these, and replacing them with pages like "Dentistry Secrets" which contains an opt-in to capture their information, and "Video Testimonials" you greatly increase the value of your Facebook page to your prospects and fans that browse it. It also gives you another avenue to get prospects into your Infusionsoft Follow-up Sequence.

How to fix: This is the most complicated of all the fixes, and it requires setting up additional applications and permissions in the Facebook Developers Area. The steps required to do this are simply too long to include in this short blog, but I'm glad to give anyone help that needs it, just click here to contact us.

Here's two examples:

#4 - Taking Prospects and Fans DIRECTLY to your Wall!

This is how Facebook sets you up by default, so many don't know any better!

When you take visitors right to your Wall, you are forgetting Rule #1 of Marketing: Always Have an Offer!

How to fix: After you add additional pages to your Facebook Page, you can click "Edit Page" then "Manage Permissions" to change the default page your prospect sees when coming to your Facebook Page.

Here's an example:

#5 - Not forcing your Fans to "Like You" BEFORE they can View your Pages!

If you've been following my tips, by now you are almost a Facebook Pro! Now comes the more complicated stuff.

When a visitor comes to your Facebook page and they are taken to your customized page (see steps #3 and #4 above), you can force them to click your "Like Us" button BEFORE you show them the page!

This is CRITICAL to increasing your fan following on Facebook. It is very safe for a fan to do this, does not reveal any of their personal information, and is literally just a single mouse click to accomplish, so there are very few prospects who will not do this.

How to fix: Same as #6's fix below...

Here's an example:

#6 - Not capturing their name and email (AFTER you force them to Like You)!

The final step to becoming a Facebook Pro!

By not offering your fans and prospects an opt-in after they "Like You", you are missing the MOST important part: Capturing their information so you can market to them!

For this doc, we set up the opt-in to send his prospects a free report, and then we stay in contact with each prospect about 15 times per year down the road. When that prospect is eventually in need of dentistry and ready to choose their provider, your name is in front of them, and you are the expert they want to choose.

How to fix: How you set up your Facebook to show different pages depending on if they are a fan or not is strictly a coding hurdle. Any competent web developer should be able to assist you with this, we are certainly happy to help you get your Facebook page streamlined and optimized.

Simply click here to read more about how we can help you, and if you're ready to dominate social media just contact us and get started today!

Here's an example:

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Written by rcarroll