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If you are no stranger to social media then you will have undoubtedly noticed how quickly a post, no matter how popular, will slip into obscurity, replaced by more recent updates to the social network sphere. You aren't the only person that your followers follow, and you could find that if your patients don't see your message within just three hours, they never will.

Why Three Hours?

This figure is based on a recent and comprehensive study from one of the most popular URL shortening website out there today, Bit.ly. Their study has demonstrated that in just under three hours the links within your Facebook and Twitter posts will have reached their peak, and that a quick decline will follow until the link is effectively buried, never to be clicked again.

This figure is known as the 'half-life' of a link. A link will certainly still receive clicks after it reaches its half-life, but by this point you know that its popularity is on the way out.

It is worth noting at this point that shortened links straight to a YouTube video do tend to have a slightly longer lifespan than those for other locations on the World Wide Web, with a half-life around the 7.5 hour mark.

So What Does All of this Mean to You?

By understanding exactly how long any links to interesting articles or your YouTube videos will stick around before the attention is shifted to the next greatest thing, you are in a good position to learn how to maximize your audience by distributing the information for a second time. A good proportion of your followers could miss your update simply because they haven't checked their Twitter of Facebook feed within those all important first three hours. Repeating your post a few hours later opens the door for a new set of followers to find their way to your website.

The Light and Careful Touch

Of course, if you start spamming the same information out on the hour, every hour, you will certainly start to lose your followers. By being careful and just utilizing one second chance tweet a few hours after the half-life time of your original message though, you could see an extra 50% of viewers viewing your post, compared to the first time you posted the information.

Moderation is the key to success with your second chance tweeting strategy. Keep uploading information that is informative and useful and this idea will increase your sites traffic, and ultimately, new patients.


Written by rcarroll