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“If you build it, they will come…” This is as true for that baseball field in Iowa as it can be for your dental practice. No, you don’t have to roll turf in front of your office or be ridiculed by doubting neighbors, but you can build something out of your practice that results in wealth. Sure, this wealth could be monetary, but it could also mean a wealth of time, independence from insurance factories, or a healthy work environment with happy team members.

A Quick Reflection...Your Life On The 40-Year Plan

Before you start constructing your “dream field,” let’s take a look at your life right now. Chances are you’re cruising on the 40-year highway. The on-ramp of this highway is you going to dental school. You pick up speed to keep up with everyone else by opening, joining, or buying a practice. And then you go on cruise-control, for the next 30-40 years…

Cruising along may be great for road trips, but enjoyable, it’s not sustainable when it comes to managing your practice. We see the proof everywhere — stressed out dentists, destroyed relationships, never-ending financial pressures, and so on. The good news is that there is a way to use your skills in a more proficient way that leads to more freedom and less work. 

Build the Systems and You Will Be Free

Embark on this journey to independence, and you might get called “crazy.” But if you’re willing to push through the doubters and block out the negative voices, the reward you can receive for taking this step is enormous. 

Synchronizing your marketing, hiring, in-office management, and patient follow-up systems can open a world you’d never expect. It’s a world that brings all of these systems together to create a consistent stream of actionable data that will absolutely help you increase production, profit, and more. 

By pulling your head out of the daily weeds of seeing patients to study what your data is telling you, you’re going to hit it out of the park. You’ll see new opportunities to attract high-value cases, you’ll know if you need to retrain front-end staff on closing those appointments, and you’ll learn to keep more for yourself by keeping overhead down — because you know where your money is going. 

The most direct route to living the life of the wealthiest dentist in the world is to begin, TODAY. Get strategizing and build the systems that are going to propel you in that direction. If you need inspiration and encouragement, grab your free copy of our latest report, The Wealthiest Dentist.    

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