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Responding to widespread demand, Colin Receveur, SmartBox founder & CEO, and Ashley Best, Director of Practice Growth, will present The Hiring Edition of our Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever! webinar series.

Dentists are reporting difficulty recruiting and hiring qualified candidates for dental hygienist and dental assistant positions. The reasons aren’t entirely clear, but there are two obvious possibilities: the fear of COVID-19 infection, and the fact that women left the workforce in September at a rate four times higher than men.

By report, some 865,000 more women are no longer available for hire, and that number certainly includes a significant number of hygienists and dental assistants. 

With a smaller pool of candidates, dental practices need to refine and perfect their approach to hiring. That’s particularly true for dentists who want to attract A-players to their team; those superior team members are still out there, but your typical dental practice hiring ad won’t do a thing to get them interested. 

It’s A High-Stress Time

Even though practices are reporting patient volume at an average of 80 percent of pre-COVID levels, being short one or two team members puts tremendous pressure on the remaining employees. Over time – and in the current environment, it doesn’t take much time – that stress can result in problems like:

  • Plummeting morale
  • Frayed tempers
  • Lack of team cohesion and support
  • Toxic work environment

When you join the webinar at 8 PM ET on November 10th, you’ll learn:

  • How lack of accountability is a morale-killer
  • The morale-engagement-accountability continuum
  • Why internal issues result in high cancellation/no-show rates
  • How to attract, hire, onboard, and offboard in these times
  • The solutions to all of these issues, and much more!

2021 can be your Best Year Ever if you have the right team in place and fully aligned with your vision for the practice. That’s why your year begins with this webinar.



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