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Where is everybody?! We all know the employment market has taken a beating over the last two years, and if you’re struggling to find the right talent to build your team, it’s probably been a stressful time for you. What we’re experiencing now is an employee market. You can liken it to real estate, with its cycle of sellers’ markets and buyers’ markets. It’s great for employees, but it’s leaving many employers in a bind. 

Three things you can do about an employee-driven market 

When career opportunities abound, those looking for work have their pick, and might we add their say, in salary, benefits, flexibility, insurance, and more. You don’t have to bend to their every demand. There are ways to strategically position your dental practice as a place they will want, maybe even beg, to work for. 

  1. Know who you want working for you. To determine the right fit, ask yourself these questions:
    1. What skills should this person possess?
    2. What will they do in this position?
    3. What kind of personality will fit with the team?
    4. What responsibilities are involved?
    5. What qualifications and experience are required?
    6. How should this person exemplify your practice’s core values? 

Next, create an employee persona that allows you to step into the shoes of this potential hire. Does your practice offer appealing opportunities and benefits that edge out competing practices? Are the job requirements aligned with the opportunities you’ve defined? Once you have that established, all of your recruiting assets should speak to your ideal candidate.

  1. Write a clearly defined job description. It will not only help the potential employee, it helps you attract the right person. It should focus on what they are bringing to the practice and what they are getting in return for their talent. Having a clearly defined description allows you to target exactly what you want the role to look like without any gray areas. Once you think you have the right language, ask for feedback from your team. Their input is critical, especially if they’ll work directly with this person.       
  2. Put your best foot forward. How would you describe your practice’s brand? Do you effectively communicate your core values, culture, and opportunities for growth? Do some digging and look for reviews from employees on listing sites like Glassdoor. If possible, respond to the reviews — good and bad — showing you are fair and objective. People want to work with a great team, so it’s ok to brag a little bit. Encourage your former and current employees to leave reviews, and always remember that candidates will look at patient reviews, check out your website, social media posts, and anything else they can find to get a sense of how your operations flow. 

There are a number of things you can do to recruit and keep the best talent. These three are a start to building your dream team — or adding to it. If you feel you just don’t have the time to dedicate to attracting top talent, then we encourage you to schedule a Practice Growth Call. Recruiting the best talent for our clients is what we do — and do very well. 

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