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Three things in life are certain — death, taxes, and insurance. Insurance? Yes — if you don’t know how to ban it, it will find a cozy spot in the corner of your office, plunk itself down, and refuse to leave. The harder you work, the more it takes. It will scratch away at your profits patient by patient. And its hunger will only grow larger.      

It’s no secret that the insurance beast is out to get you. It’s bent on sinking its ugly teeth into your profit, favoring its shareholders’ bottom line. Your wealth is a buffet that provides never-ending financial nutrition. Who wouldn’t want to keep that going?

You are under attack from all directions. And it’s time to start slaying the beast.

Removing the greedy tyrant taking up space in your practice isn’t for the faint of heart. You won’t be able to go in, swords drawn, and end it in one quiet afternoon. It will fight you. It will howl at the very thought of your attempts to take it down. After all, you are its mealticket.    

This is why it’s critical to understand that banning the insurance beast is a process, not an event. The transition demands you keep production high and minimize unnecessary risks. You need smart planning, dedicated implementation of that plan, and the grit to see it through. Over time, the beast will be fed less and less until one day, it gets up and leaves because the free handouts are gone.    

Dumping insurance happens when you attract patients who aren’t PPO-dependent. They have discretionary funds and don’t “shop around” for the best deal in town. They know what they want, and they know you’re the one to go to — because you’ve told them through uniquely designed marketing.

For years, SmartBox has successfully helped dentists ban insurance from their practices. Our dentists command top rates and are keeping what they’ve earned. They’ve beaten the beast. And so can you. 

Feel free to grab our free resource “The Wealthiest Dentist” and slay the beast for good.         

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