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He’s only in the office two days a week. Yet he’s pulling in $4.4 Million a year, keeping 47% of the profit. That’s $2,068,000 in his pocket after just two days of work. Sounds too good to be true? It wouldn’t if you knew about the strategies Dr. Tom Peterson has put in place to build this extraordinary wealth. 

It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, Dr. Peterson was on cruise control for years, following the prescribed “40 Year Plan” most dentists adhere to. He went to dental school, bought a practice, and then worked hard for decades. It wasn’t until recently he realized there was a better way to build wealth and independence.

It’s never too late to engineer more freedom and money.

You may have seen headlines about a grandmother who graduates college with her grandson, or an 80 year old man who still runs marathons. These folks possess the drive and understanding that it’s never too late to invest in themselves. They aren’t throwing in the towel and accepting life in the slow lane. And you shouldn’t either.       

If you’ve been practicing dentistry for 30 years, even 40, you’re in good company with Dr. Peterson. Except he’s now enjoying life to the fullest, spending less time in the office, and he has officially escaped the stress and headache of traditional practices. How did he do it? By implementing systems that attract the patients and cases he wants to work with while keeping profit up and overhead down. His systems track new patient opportunities and value, he knows where his money is coming from and exactly where it’s going. 

Dr. Peterson is the doctor to see in town because he designed it that way. He’s “famous” for his speciality and has become the only logical choice in the area. His knowledge and consistent implementation of this knowledge has helped him upgrade patients year-after-year resulting in high-value cases.   

We know you’re busy and tired, but if you aren’t ready to “throw in the towel” then SmartBox would like to invite you to grab a copy of our free report, The Wealthiest Dentist. In it you’ll find detailed information about Dr. Peterson and his care-free, lucrative, lifestyle. He’s harnessed strategies that work with him, not against him. Let his story inspire you. And open yourself to the possibility of becoming one of the wealthiest dentists in the world.    

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