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Does your practice have a revolving door? While they’re a delight when entering an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, it’s not something you want to see when it comes to your employees. 

If it seems like people keep coming and going so much that you forget their names, there might be something wrong. Actually, there is something wrong. High turnover not only breaks the bonds strong teams form, it kills your production and bottom line. Getting to the bottom of the problem should be a top priority. 

What contributes to a toxic workplace resulting in high turnover?

When you’ve been in the workforce long enough, you know toxicity comes in many shapes and sizes. The common misconception that bad behaviors only happen in large corporations is quickly dispelled by experience.

How does an undesirable atmosphere happen? While personality clashes can contribute to issues, toxic workplaces are usually born out of one or both factors: resource constraints and weak leadership. The common denominator of these factors is stress. It grows into a nasty knot with staffing shortages and no sense of guidance on how to navigate packed days. 

Everyone experiences stress. But left unchecked, it creates negative attitudes, hostility toward one another, and an all-around toxic office. It’s the perfect repellent for top talent. And if that’s not your goal, you’ll need to act fast to stop the bleeding.      

What does top talent want?

The recently released Salary Survey from Dental Post reveals that professionals seek work environments that support:

  • Timely and regular pay increases 
  • A positive culture that encourages professional growth
  • A place where one’s work is appreciated (and everyone knows it)

Does this sound like your practice?

Aiming to create and maintain just one of these factors puts your practice in a better position to attract top talent. Sometimes you need to clean house before you can put the call out to A-players. 

Just like upgrading your patient attraction systems, you can upgrade your office systems to create an organized and well-led atmosphere people want to be a part of. And once things are moving in the right direction, you can employ a talent attraction system to start building your dream team.

SmartBox knows how to attract top talent, and we’ve helped hundreds of struggling dentists build dream teams that keep knocking it out of the park. If you find the toxicity of your office to be a bit too much, schedule a Practice Growth Call with us. We’ll help you build the systems you need to attract all-star professionals who want to stay.      

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