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He’s made his list, and he didn’t need to check it twice when he saw insurance on the naughty list. He knows this profit-hungry middleman’s been stealing from dentists for decades. More miserly than Scrooge, the PPO machine is building wealth off your back. 

It’s no surprise that insurance is a one-sided business designed around the needs of the PPO and not dentists or patients. In fact, research shows that over $75 billion is spent each year on dental insurance. Sure, that sounds promising, But out of that impressive price tag, dentists see only 60% in return for their work. Ouch! 

Aren’t you tired of footing the bill in this one-way relationship? 

It’s the season for giving, so why not give insurance the boot? It’s overstayed its welcome, taking over more and more of the care you provide to your patients. They shouldn’t be calling the shots when it’s you who are the expert.

As a thank you to all you great doctors out there, we’re making available our PPO Prison report to help you put a stop to the insurance Scrooges. Give yourself the gift of knowledge to stop them from taking large bites out of your wealth.

Grab some cookies and cozy up to the fire with this report as you learn how to:

  • Decide who is in control of your future
  • Choose your FFS revenue booster for bigger + more profitable cases
  • Build a revenue foundation of solid “steel”
  • Work the system like a PRO

Will you go another year rewarding the insurance middleman for bad behavior? Can you afford to?

If you’re still on the fence after reading the report, our friend Katie Franklin, Director of illumitrac Software, is hosting a web class on Thursday, December 15 at 8:00 p.m. EDT that’s all about shifting away from PPOs and claiming your financial independence in 2023! It’s well worth your time, as you’ll set yourself up for success before the New Year. 

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