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Things have undeniably changed around the world, but one thing shouldn’t. Dentists need to communicate with their patients and prospects if they hope to thrive.

It’s important to remember that many people are still embracing the “safer at home” idea, and those people are looking for information and diversion. Social media is a lifeline for most of those people, and it’s one that dentists can use to their advantage.

Of course, given the pent up demand for services that dental practices are experiencing, social media posting may be close to the last thing on your mind. Letting it stay in last place would be a mistake, and here’s why.

It’s A Connection Thing

It bears repeating that dentistry is a trust-based business. Dental patients as a group have a lot of fears, and those fears have only been magnified by current events. Now, more than ever, your answer to “Will you take care of me?” is vital.

Social media is the perfect channel for communicating with your patients and prospects that, yes, they’ll be safe and cared for while they’re in your practice and even after their appointments end.

The give-and-take of social media allows you to respond to people’s concerns and fears in a way that emails and newsletters just can’t accomplish. You can detail the measures you’re taking regarding PPE, disinfecting, social distancing, and the other ways in which you’re limiting patients’ exposure and risk.

That’s the informational part of social media, but engagement and diversion are equally important. Anecdotes from you and your staff as well as appropriate memes and other funny content are what people are looking for right now. Those sort of social media posts personalize you and your team to prospects and also help to build trust.

But Who Has Time, Right?

Dentists and their staff who are hip-deep in dealing with pent up demand probably aren’t focused on their social media presence. At best, it’s an afterthought; at worst, it’s pretty much non-existent.

That’s understandable, but unfortunate. The doctors whose practices engage and build trust with more prospects will see their new patient numbers maintain or, more likely, grow. 

When it comes to social media posting, more is not necessarily better. That means you don’t have to post multiple times each day; it’s more important to answer questions, to engage with followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and to keep your practice top of mind with future patients.

If all your practice can manage is two to three new posts a week, make that happen. Count on the engagement factor – the back and forth between your practice and your followers – to keep your followers and get more. Encourage sharing of your posts; that’s a free way to develop a larger following.

It’s A Fairly Painless Procedure

Social media doesn’t have to be drudgery or something that you regard with dread. Your posts can be as simple as “Our new patient safety measures are working great!” or, “Here’s the most-asked question in the last week.” Keep it simple, make it funky, as the old saying goes, and you’ll maintain your online presence and reap the benefits.

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