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You might not be a fan of the original “Jaws” movie, but you probably recognize Roy Scheider’s immortal line, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Words of wisdom, there. 

Roy’s character was wise enough to realize that the resources available to the three-man crew of a small fishing boat were inadequate to deal with an unprecedented situation. In their case, it was a massive shark.

In your case, it’s a jumbled and unclear business environment like none that the country has seen in over a century. Dentists across the United States are having to deal with a patchwork of regulations and guidance; in some cases, the two are contradictory. What’s clear is that this isn’t business as usual. For many dentists, it’s a shadow of the patient volume that they’re accustomed to.

Even if you’re one of the fortunate dentists who are experiencing pent-up demand for services, you have to know that the “gold rush” won’t last. Moreover, when (not if) Covid-19 cases spike again, dentists in the affected areas may very well be looking at another shutdown.

If you got swamped by the first wave – and most dentists were – you won’t get ready for the second wave by doing what you used to do.

It's time to build a bigger boat, one that will help you ride out the worst of storms and position your practice to bounce back as quickly as possible once things are calm.

SmartBox’s Success Academy is the boat you need.

Success Academy

a-tale-of-two-practiceThere are five key drivers of profitability for dentists – the 5 A’s. Those are Answer, Appoint, Attend, Accept, and Average

It works like this: Answering more new patient calls gives you the opportunity to appoint more new patients. Taking measures to ensure they attend those appointments provides more opportunity to get them to accept treatment. And that process will inevitably drive your average case value.

In fact, SmartBox has found that incremental gains in each of the 5 A’s – as little as 10 percent – can more than double a practice’s revenue. 

And, our research shows that team-driven practices deliver superior patient experiences and care. 

When all team members are clear on and aligned in the vision and goals for the practice, your practice becomes a destination for the patients you want. That’s the formula for lasting success and maximum growth. SmartBox’s Success Academy will help you implement it in your practice.

Our online, on-demand, video-driven curriculum covers every aspect of helping you and your team cohere as a focused unit to achieve remarkable practice growth. 

Think of Success Academy as the blueprint for building the bigger boat you need.

But Wait! There’s More

It’s no secret that SmartBox has a proven track record of helping dental practices succeed. In fact, we’ve produced and documented more than $4 billion in new patient opportunity for our doctors since 2009. If you’d like to explore what we can do for your practice – and sooner would be much better, everything considered – schedule your Practice Growth Call

The Practice Growth Call is actually a complimentary multistep consulting package we are gifting (we typically charge $5,500 for our Practice Growth Roadmaps) to qualified dentists who are serious about “leveling up” in every area of their practice.

Please understand, this is not a sales call, this is a consulting call. This is a call that is focused on showing you a clear path toward big results in your practice. We’re aiming at a level of result that is out of reach for most dentists in the country.

Why do we do this? Why do we task members of our team to focus on the growth of your practice before and regardless of whether or not we ever work together?

Because that’s how we show dentists just like you that the approach we take to success in dentistry works.


Written by Smartbox

SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.