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There’s an old joke that goes, “When you’re up to your butt in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.”

And to paraphrase Dr. Faustus, “Why, this is the swamp, nor are we out of it.”

What we’re going through right now has the potential to be the deepest, longest, and most dire economic and social upheaval in living memory. There’s no easy path out of this swamp; the powers-that-be are trying to strike a balance between restarting the economy and minimizing the loss of life from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, business owners who are waiting for Washington to chart a path forward are kidding themselves. The various states have essentially been left to fend for themselves, so reopening depends on a confusing patchwork of recommendations and regulations… a swamp with no clear markers to help you get out of it.

While you can’t control the spread of the virus, or how your state reacts to each new development, you can control what you do to protect yourself and your practice.

No Man Is An Island, But Your Practice Should Be An Oasis

Right now, fear and uncertainty are rife in the general population. Wearing masks in public places is either a requirement or a recommendation. Numbers of infected are going down, or up, depending on which authorities you pay attention to. Opening businesses now is either a smart thing to do, or it will lead to hot spots and even a second wave of the pandemic.

With all the uncertainty, your patients and prospects are desperately searching for all the certainty and comfort they can find. You need to provide that for them… making your practice an “oasis” of comfort in troubled times.

SmartBox has created a wealth of free resources that you can adapt for your practice’s needs. These resources are designed to help you protect yourself, your teams, and your patients to the maximum extent possible. Let’s be clear that safety is a relative term right now, just as it has been for the whole of human existence. There is no perfect safety, but there are degrees of safety.

Colin has also presented workable and affordable solutions to the issue of practice hygiene and safety in his Survive & THRIVE weekly webinars. Once you’ve implemented some or, preferably, all of those suggestions, and any others mandated by your state, there’s one thing left for you to do.

Tell Them About It

Every dental practice that hopes to provide more than emergency services will be doing the same sorts of things that you’re doing to safeguard everyone. 

But few of those practices will effectively and repeatedly communicate what they’ve done.

If you’re going to slingshot back from this abysmal downturn, you must communicate with patients and prospects that you’ve taken every step you can to keep them safe. And not just once, but on an ongoing basis. 

The dental practice that communicates its caring, concern, and preparations will be the one that finds its chairs filled once the pent up demand has subsided. Use all the resources that SmartBox has provided, as well as the actionable steps that Colin has detailed in his webinars, to make sure that dental practice is yours.

The “swamp” may persist for many months, if not longer. But you can drain a path for yourself and your practice and find your way out… if you do, demonstrate, and communicate.



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