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Where is it written that the practice of general dentistry has to be an endurance contest?

The short answer is, nowhere. And yet, far too many general dentists are practicing “treadmill” dentistry; seeing an unending stream of routine, low-value patients who want only what insurance will cover. 

Let’s be clear – you can make a good living with treadmill dentistry. But you’ll work far too hard for far too long for much less than you could have earned. Arguably, this model is the slowest possible path to success for a dentist. And all too often, it can feel like you’re running as fast as you can but not really getting anywhere.

Let’s Shake Things Up

All patients are not created equal in terms of their value to the practice, either from the perspective of a single procedure or when considered on a lifetime basis. Every dentist certainly understands this, but relatively few put that understanding to good use.

If you have one or more interest areas – implants, ortho, cosmetic, or what have you -- that you’d like to do more of, you need to market to that segment of patients. Without promoting your interest and experience in helping those particular patients, they have no reason to choose you.

In fact, any of those cases that you get will probably be by accident rather than by design. 

This isn’t to say that you should give up general practice, although some dentists have laid the necessary groundwork that allowed them to do that. Rather, it’s seeing fewer patients but making more from each of them. 

Time To Change Course

If you’d like to see how you can segment your market to get more of the new patients you want, we invite you to schedule a complimentary, 45-minute Practice Growth Call. You and one of our Practice Growth Experts will examine your market, your current approach to attracting new patients, and your goals. Following the call, you’ll receive a completely personalized Roadmap to a better model of dentistry and the future you want.

Treadmills and hamster wheels are good for exercise, but not much else. If you’re tired of running in place, schedule your free call.


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