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You’ve probably seen the “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy and Ethel are working the assembly line at the chocolate factory. At first they’re crushing it. Boxing chocolates looks fun and easy, but then the volume and speed start to increase, and it gets harder and harder. At one point Lucy begins stuffing chocolates in her mouth to keep up. She’s literally eating the profits and getting no further ahead. In fact, she falls desperately behind and it ends in disaster.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re working an assembly line of patients? Maybe you’d be better off with more chairs to accommodate a growing number of cases? Does it feel like you’re “stuffing” each chair as quickly as possible and you’ve reached your maximum capacity? More chairs could certainly help with volume, but other challenges those chairs usher in could ultimately end in disaster. And you might find yourself “eating” away at your practice profits.

“My capacity to produce is going to be limited by the number of chairs I have to produce out of.”...Or is it?

Dr. John O’Rourke was convinced his capacity was limited due to the number of his chairs. He wanted to hit more collections each month and thought that by adding more chairs and more locations, he’d pull in more profit.     

His drive was admirable and his thinking seemed logical on the surface. But we’ve seen it time and time again when doctors combine the desire to succeed with average thinking — it typically ends in frustration and stagnant growth. 

Dr. O’Rourke finally learned that he didn’t need more chairs or locations to bring in more profit. He just needed to realize his “unrealized production potential” (otherwise known as UPP). This is the amount of production you could be generating but aren’t — more chairs or not. We helped Dr. O’Rourke map out the 5A’s of his practice and how to optimize each one for maximum profit again. The 5A’s include Answer the phone, Appoint the patient, Attend the appointment, Accept the case, and Average patient initial value.      

These tactics hold the key to a profitable and enjoyable tenure in dentistry. If you’d like to read more about Dr. O’Rourke and his journey to $6 million in collections each year, then grab your copy of our complimentary report, The 6 Million Dollar Dentist

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