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There’s an old saying that goes something like this: Whatever you wish to change, you must measure. It’s a common-sense truth; it does little or no good to spend the time and effort needed to change something and then guess at how much more (or less) effective it is.

Business owners, including dentist-owners, need precise data if they’re going to steer their business safely during these uncertain times. And that data needs to be as close to real-time as possible; making decisions based on outdated information is a recipe for disappointment if not disaster.

Actionable Intelligence Required

There are any number of different brands of practice management software out there. Regardless of which PMS you’re using right now, staying abreast of the data you’re collecting is vital. You need to know as quickly as possible what’s happening with your new patient numbers, your appointing rate, your attendance rate, your case acceptance rate, and your average case value, to mention just a few.

You also need to know how well every aspect of your external practice promotion efforts is working; otherwise, you’re potentially wasting money on non-performing channels, driving up your average cost per new patient acquisition, and losing qualified prospects that you could have appointed.

This is not the time in history for dentists to waste money.

If your current PMS doesn’t provide at least the metrics listed above, and in near-real time, you’ve got the wrong system. 

As a side note, SmartBox recommends and provides Dental Intelligence software for many of our doctors, depending on their service level agreement, their existing PMS,  and other factors. Combined with our PracticeHQ™ marketing dashboard, dentists achieve remarkable insight and clarity into how virtually every aspect of the practice is performing.

Who’s Minding Your Store?

Right now, SmartBox is hearing from dentists all over the country that they’re exhausted. They’re exhausted from having to change PPE with every patient; from the time required to sterilize/decontaminate between patients; from the sheer physical toll that wearing masks, face shields, and gowns take on them over the course of the day.

If you’re not in the mood to review your practice growth efforts at least weekly, you have company. But it’s something that needs to be done on a regular basis; if not by you, then by the team member you designate.

Or, you can turn your practice growth efforts over to a comprehensive, single-source provider with a proven track record of helping dental practice owners achieve the level of growth and success they want. 

Set The Right Course For Your Practice

Not all dental practice owners are data-minded. Many prefer to focus on the clinical aspects of dentistry; in some cases, to the detriment of their practice growth.

Regardless of your emphasis in your practice, you can pursue it with confidence when you partner with SmartBox. Discover how we free dentists to pursue their passion within the practice, and deliver outstanding results, by scheduling your Practice Growth Call


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