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We’ve been discussing websites quite a bit these last few weeks. What makes them stand out, what makes us cringe, and some that have us asking, “What were they thinking?!” 

It’s not enough these days to have an attractive website. While it helps lure prospective patients to poke around and see what you’re about, it won’t necessarily convert them to patients in seats. 

Not just a pretty interface

Successful websites use a strategy to get patients walking through your doors. It includes a thoughtful mixture of education, features that make you unique, attractive content and visuals, and a clear call to action. Optimizing these elements is key to operating the perfect online “business card.” 

Where do you start? 

Great question, and we might have some answers – or at least a solid resource you can use to get started. We recently released a report, “The 7 Deadly Sins of Dental Website Design,” to help dentists identify and correct some common blunders that are costing them money and new patients.       

The sins outlined in the report are by no means the complete list of snafus we’ve fixed, but they are the most critical. They are literally stealing from you and repelling prospective patients. 

What ARE they? And is my website guilty of all of them?

We strongly encourage you to grab your copy of the report to get the full measure of what you’re up against, but here is a glimpse into a few things we’ve seen, and fixed

1. Putting too much stock in what you “do”

Patients, especially those in pain, don’t give a hoot about your credentials and newly updated facility. They are in pain, and they want to know what you can do for THEM. Your website needs to address their problems, their fears, and their pain. And then you need to make it clear you can help.

2. The people on your site aren’t your people

Stock images come in handy sometimes, but solely relying on them for your site is cheating prospects out of getting a good feel for your culture. Hiring a professional to capture your office environment in images and video will help you better connect with patients and look “human.”

3. Something’s missing…I can’t quite put my finger on it…

They’re simple. They’re basic. Yet we see them missing from countless dental websites: operating hours and contact information. If a prospect doesn’t know how to get in touch to make an appointment and has no idea if your schedule jibes with theirs, it’s game over. This is a simple fix, and fix it you must if it’s currently missing from your site.

Websites are often the first impression people get of you, and it’s imperative you make a great one. Done well they can help you attract better patients, better cases, and more wealth. The alternative will cost you. Grab that report and find out if your website is committing even more sins.     

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