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Sometimes, we come up with products that are so innovative we write about them on this blog. If you don’t follow us to be “sold” anything, come back next week and we’ll return you to our “regularly scheduled” programming. 

Today’s post, though, is about our A-Player Attraction System. We’ve heard, and are still hearing, from dentists all over the country who complain that they have trouble attracting the high-powered, elite team members they need.

It was when we realized why so many owners were going wrong that the A-Player Attraction System was born.

A-players are out there, but far too many dental practices fail to realize what it takes to attract them. The bottom line is that they’re in an elite class of their own, and they realize it. You won’t attract them through the typical dental practice hiring ad anymore than NASA would get a prime candidate by advertising, “Experienced Rocket Scientist wanted. Competitive pay and benefits.”

If You Don’t Believe, They Certainly Won’t

Top candidates in any field pretty much have their pick of available jobs. If they’re not excited about the potential for a given position to further their goals and career, they’ll give it a cursory glance – if that – and move on.

Something to consider, though, is that not every top candidate is the right fit for your practice. It helps to define your ideal A-player before you ever create the intriguing, challenging, stimulating ad that will get read and considered. 

A further caveat: few dental practices have an objective hiring system to ensure that they hire right the first time. Wrong hires waste your time, effort, and money. Worse, they can also damage your practice’s morale and efficiency.

We’ve got all that covered, and more, in our A-Player Hiring System. And given the value you receive, it’s ridiculously inexpensive. In fact, at $49, it’s ridiculously inexpensive, period.

If you’re interested, visit www.APlayerAttraction.com to learn more and to order.


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