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We’re traveling back to July 2021 to bring you a topic that’s still relevant and is still something dentists battle every day: insurance. Reimbursements continue to dwindle, as doctors move to free themselves from the shackles of the profit-driven insurance industry. We’re also making available a report that can help you break away — FINALLY — from the PPO prison. Claim your independence today, or forever be tethered to the whims of insurance companies. 

July 22, 2021

Declare YOUR Independence From PPOs

PPOs and dental insurance companies are viewed as – at best – necessary evils by most dentists. As an example, take this communication that SmartBox received from a client:

“A lot of dentists are so reliant on PPOs and so helplessly reluctant to do anything about it....ever (like a fly caught in a spider's web).

“I had an insurance rep tell me this morning that we're part of their healthcare industry and have to do what they say (lol). They’ve lost their minds! It's scary that any insurance company might really, truly believe they're in charge of a private practice.”

While we’ve withheld the sender’s name, the points are both valid and alarming. The dental insurance industry does not care about you, your success, or even your survival.  

Throw Off Your Chains

The power of the PPOs and dental insurance companies to determine policy and reimbursement rates may be significantly lessened in the coming months. In January, 2021, Congress took action to dilute the power of the 1945 McCarran-Ferguson Act that essentially removed the insurance industry’s exemption from non-competitive practices. The result is projected to be an increase in competition between insurers, and that’s a very good thing for dental practices.

But if you’re not willing (or able) to wait for longer-term effects of that legislation, there’s something you can do right now. SmartBox produced a free report in 2020 that provides a clear, four-step strategy that you can implement in your practice to limit or even eliminate the influence of the insurers on your bottom line.

BUSTING OUT OF THE PPO PRISON: The 4-Step Strategy For Declaring Your Independence From the Insurance Beast Before It’s Too Late is available as a free download.

Why wait for the wheels of change to turn if you can turn them for yourself and your future?

Download your copy today! 

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