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Dentistry has become commoditized thanks to the pressure from the dental insurance companies. While not universally true, many patients think that one dentist is just as good as another, and they choose solely on the basis of price and availability.

Cutting prices to attract new patients is a race to the bottom that only the practices with the deepest pockets can "win". 

If you're ready to stop being regarded as a "tooth technician," here's what you need to do. Refocus your marketing toward positioning yourself as the preferred dental provider in your area. That's not to say that you should tout yourself as the "expert"; most states won't allow that.

Instead, make sure that almost everything you put out about your practice speaks to patients' needs and fears. There are three questions to answer, implicitly or explicitly:

  1. Can you help me with my tooth and/or gum problems?
  2. Will you take care of me while I’m with you and afterwards?
  3. Will my life be better as a result of choosing you?

It's About Them, Not You

You'll notice that these questions have absolutely nothing to do with your training, your expertise, or your advanced equipment, and for good reason. Your potential patients don't care about you – they care about what you can do for them, how they'll be treated, and how their lives will be bettered.

Your website and the rest of your marketing materials likely focus on you and your practice, but that doesn't automatically close the gap between what you offer and what patients are looking for. What's the benefit to the patient of panoramic X-rays, CT scanner, or an in-house lab? Why should they care that you offer two or three levels of dental sedation?

When you make the patient, and the benefits to the patients of choosing your practice, you'll be miles ahead of most of your competitors. It's not easy to revamp an entire marketing approach, but it's something that needs to happen if you're going to break out of the pack in your market and become a destination for patients.


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