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Ouch. The cost of living and doing business is downright painful. The doubling, and in some cases tripling, of everyday items and utilities may have patients running scared. While many consumers freeze spending, is your practice prepared to attract those who aren’t?   

Are you recession proof?

If you’re relying solely on PPO patients, you might get by with routine cleanings, but will they help your practice grow year-over-year? Will they help you get closer to a comfortable retirement? Will they help you weather the latest economic storm?

You don’t have to bury your head in everyday work and hope for the best. Doctors who employ strategies to break away from insurance and attract patients with disposable income can ride out any financial storm — and enjoy practicing dentistry while they do it.

Overnight success is not realistic, so we’re not selling you on some magical equation to attract the cases you want. We’re talking about a slow, methodical move to patients who want your services and can pay for them.

This is accomplished by shifting your marketing efforts to attract higher value cases and the patients that come with them. It may take a little reinventing of how you promote your practice and the services you want to provide. But once you attract those patients, and retain them, you can start replacing those PPOs one patient at a time. 

You’ll no longer need to answer the question, “Will insurance cover this?”    

If you want to ensure your practice is recession proof, grab your complimentary copy of our report on how to finally escape the PPO prison for good. Your practice, and your bank account, will thank you.    

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