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So you’ve established your practice’s presence on the web in the localized business directories. You may be listed in one or many of the places you should be; Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local or others. But did you know there is a way to drill down to even deeper and more profitable clicks when people search for you?

Even the SEO experts are having a harder time getting local businesses, such as dental practices, ranked. Listing your practice’s name, location and phone number is no longer adequate. One of the best things you can do to improve your web presence is to make sure that your practice is listed in the proper category in your directory. Many business listings automatically assign these and they may not be correct. When a potential new patient is searching for you on the internet many business directories use the default category to display listings. If you are not properly assigned your listing won’t be seen.

While you are making sure you are listed in the appropriate category, take the time to add several customized categories. The assigned category is good for a generalized search, but customized categories are good for additional keywords which help you promote specialized services such as “mini-implants”, “sedation” or “dentures”.

Set yourself apart using multiple categories. If there are a lot of listings for “dentists” in your area chances are the business listing will be alphabetical. If you combine the general list category with customized ones you’ll rank higher in sub-categories. The advantage to doing this is that many competitors aren’t aware of this fact.

Next week we take a look at one of the worst mistakes many dentists make when trying to rank their web presence.


Written by rcarroll

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