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Are you using a web-based business directory for your practice? You should be, but if you are having trouble getting your practice seen on the web it could be the result of a problem you just don’t realize is a problem; multiple offices which share the same location.

This happens when a dentist is located in a professional building or office complex with many professionals using the same address. As you know there is a field where you simply enter your address into your listing generator. Easy enough, one would think, except when there are multiple professionals using the same address. In that case search engines don’t know which business to display.

Multiple offices at the same address create a very real problem with your listing directory. Search engines cannot sort you out from your next door neighbor. You all have the same address so search engines assume you are the same business. The result will be that either multiple listings will become merged or internet users will get an error message from the search engine saying “address not supported”. SEO experts have seen everything from information swapped between listings to accounts deactivated.

The fix is simple. Include a suite number in your address. Make your address stand out with something like, “123 This Street, Suite 4”. Also, take the extra time to dig deep into the free tools included in your listing generator and fill them up. Extra content keeps you separated from your neighbor.

Assume the search engine is much like a patient standing in front of your office building. Don’t make either one ask, “Which way do I go?”

Next week: Where does your practice live?


Written by rcarroll