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Here’s a quick history review: Remember the land rush in U.S. history of a few centuries ago? Settlers were encouraged to stake their claims in the broad expanse of the new American territory. In many places land was given away or sold for pennies on the dollar so that it could be developed and the U.S. could push expansion westward.

Today there is a new land rush and the valuable real estate is on the internet. There is good news and bad news in this as it applies to your dental practice. The good news is that you can list your dental practice in local searches so that new patients can find you. More good news comes from the fact that Google and other places probably have already done this for you. The bad news is that if you don’t go online to “claim” your dental listing the information will be incomplete, possibly inaccurate and your competition will crush your listing every time.

Claiming your place is nothing more than going into the listing and making sure it is accurate. Here, however, is the secret to beating your competition every time someone searches “dentist” in your area; expand your listing.

There are plenty of tools within your listing you can use to expand on the default content. This allows you to give your practice a more helpful profile and target keywords you wish to promote, such as special services you provide. The benefit to all of this is that once you do it the local search engines will rank your dental practice higher in the search pages. A higher listing means more visibility which means more traffic to your practice.

The rest becomes history!


Written by rcarroll

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