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Television commercials have a habit of staying with us. They can make us fall in love with company mascots, infect our minds with catchy jingles and, most importantly, introduce us to local or national businesses. What if your own dental practice could appear on screens in the homes of those prospective customers you long to reach? Can you imagine the impact a television advert targeted to your local community could have on your business?

Here at SmartBox we have real and extensive experience of putting dentists, just like you, on the map with television commercials. You can take advantage of our expertise; allowing us to put together a creative and powerful commercial for you, while you carry on with what you do best, your dentistry. And what's more, we won't just create your advertisement and leave you high and dry. Our marketing experience means we can help you to realize the very best place to launch your commercial, be it online via YouTube, or broadcast onto television sets in your very own city or state.

If the thought of a television commercial advertising you and your very own business excites you, then give us a call right now for more information. We'll be more than happy to help advise you on this next step for bringing more customers through your front door.


Written by rcarroll