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During these times, keeping up with clinical research findings is probably one of the last things on dentists’ minds. Having to search through a number of journals and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, is tedious and time-consuming. Even Google Alerts of something similar is no guarantee that dentists will find what they need and are looking for.

Fortunately, the American Dental Association has provided the solution: The PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel.

According to ADA News, “The PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel offers a one-stop shop for busy dentists and their teams looking to keep up to date on the latest clinical research findings they can employ in their practices.”

The channel is a joint venture by the ADA and Elsevier, the company that publishes the Journal of the American Dental Association. In addition to the free Clinical Dentistry Channel, dentists can also find expert commentary on the oral-systemic connection on the other 11 PracticeUpdate channels. 

A Seat At The Big Table

It’s worth noting that the Clinical Dentistry Channel helps cement dentistry’s place alongside other medical specialties. 

According to the ADA News article, “We are very interested in bringing useful and important medical information to the dental profession as part of the oral-systemic interface our patients live in every day," Dr. Michael Newman, editor in chief, said. "PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry puts down an important marker for dentistry’s position and role in precision health care. It takes its place among the other PracticeUpdate medical channels as an equal member of the PracticeUpdate lineup. We have been able to showcase many of our take home messages on these medical channels, raising the integrated role dentistry plays in overall health care. We are at the table as an equal partner."

What Gets Your Motor Running?

The article also notes, “The Clinical Dentistry Channel features updates from peer-reviewed journals, news and educational resources 24/7. It is the only dental channel offered by PracticeUpdate, a free service for dentists, physicians and other clinicians.”

Dr. Satheesh Elangovan, associate editor of the channel, notes, "PracticeUpdate is aimed at bringing expert-curated updates from recently published, relevant clinical articles from a wide range of dental and medical disciplines to keep clinicians abreast of clinical advances."

The odds are good that regardless of your particular interest areas, you’ll find timely, relevant, and helpful content that represents the latest clinical advances on the channel.

Dentists can sign up for their free PracticeUpdate account at clinicaldentistry.practiceupdate.com.


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