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It’s one thing to hear from a company that they’re both different from and better than their competitors. It’s another to hear it from an actual long-time customer. 

Here’s Dr. CJ Landry’s experience with SmartBox, in his own words. His practice is in Marrero, Louisiana.

I’ve had several different marketing companies over the years that promised results. At the end of the term, we looked back at the results, and they hadn’t produced. With SmartBox, there’s a lot more direct contact. There’s follow-up done. The other company, I would send my money in every month, and I didn’t hear from them for a year until it was time to renew. With SmartBox, there’s constant follow-up, there’s education for all my employees, and I see a greater return on my investment.

In one week, we had two cases that came in for a total of about $17,000 directly from Google that are not even in our area. They’re in the greater New Orleans area. That return right there paid for most of our year of marketing. The two patients that I just did recently that were large implant cases came from different parts of the city because they liked the content of our website. 

However, the other companies, they had no contact other than me sending in a check. They would ask me, “Well, what do you want to put on your postcard this month?”

It’s like, “That’s your job. Tell me what’s working. I’m a dentist.” With SmartBox, they really followed up. They’re putting in content that’s relevant to our practice. Nowadays, our practice is more implant-related so SmartBox’s marketing is sending me those patients, specifically those patients. 

In dentistry, it’s cyclical. You’ll have busy times and slow times. Since we started with SmartBox, we’re not really having the slow times. I’m actually working harder and more than I did before, by my choice.

It’s also going to allow me to bring an associate in fairly soon because I need some relief from how much work we’re doing. In the past, it’s been more of a headache of worrying about finances. Now, I’m worrying about getting enough time off so that I can enjoy the rewards. 

If you need more patients, absolutely SmartBox would be a fantastic choice. I’ve never had a marketing company in the past that’s been so complete and compassionate. My mother-in-law recently passed. Flowers were sent here to the office. It’s a fine company. I’ve enjoyed working with them, and I think they’ve done a great job.


Written by Smartbox

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