- 1 Minute Read -

Watch this 2 minute video to see a doctor actually make a $12,329.45 mistake using Google AdWords:

Hey Dr. Gillum, it’s Colin Receveur here. I actually came across your name on Google and I saw a really glaring error that I wanted to make you aware of. I was searching for another client for ‘Indianapolis dentist’ and what I came across was one of your Google Adwords ads over here on the side. I thought I’d click on it to see what you guys are up to and when I did it came to this page, which means that the address up here in the bar that your Google Adwords campaign is running in is incorrect. So basically what that means is you’ve paid for all the clicks, Google won’t refund all your clicks if you’re put the wrong URL in, so you’re still paying for the clicks, and your patients aren’t even getting to your website. I hope you guys haven’t been running that for very long because that’s definitely money right down the drain.

I hope everything’s well with you guys, I just wanted to point that out quickly and help you guys out from spending a lot of money on some bad Google Adwords. Take care.


Written by rcarroll