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Even though most of the country has felt paralyzed for some time, that hasn’t kept smart dentists from investigating what SmartBox can do for them. Here are brief case studies of dentists who found Pandemic-Proof Reasons To Partner With SmartBox.

Case Study #1: Come Out Stronger & Busier

An Indianapolis, Indiana-area dentist signed on as a SmartBox client to avoid the dreaded “Swiss cheese syndrome” – too many holes in the schedule. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, he already had a very “holey” schedule and small case sizes coming in. But just as importantly, he understands there may not be pent up demand upon reopening, which will further compound the holes in his schedule and do nothing good for his average case value. He wants to be very proactive in filling his schedule with QUALITY patients – implants, cosmetics, and other high-value cases.

Case Study #2: Not Enough Of Him To Go Around

A dentist not far from Atlanta, Georgia joined SmartBox because he understands the need for a SYSTEM; not “piece-mealing things together to see what works” like he's done in the past. He knows he will be busier than ever once his office reopens due to all the new protocols;  marketing isn’t something he will have time to manage (nor does he really want to!). Another of his reasons for joining now was to get his team trained up in Success Academy & Phone Training since they're not in the office seeing patients.


Everyone’s situation and goals are different. Find your own Pandemic-Proof Reasons To Partner with SmartBox! Check out the fabulous webinar by Ashley Best, SmartBox’s Director of Practice Growth. 



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