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We have three questions for you:

  1. Are you where you want to be in your practice?
  2. Do you believe you’re capable of more?
  3. Are you tired of working so hard for what you’re getting?

Even if you answered yes to one of these, your practice might be in need of a jump start. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone hits a plateau at some point in their life — fitness, career, relationships. You name it, you can hit walls after a certain amount of time. 

Calculated adjustments can make all the difference, and they have for many SmartBox dentists. Take Dr. Thomas Frank for example. He was suffering from a growth plateau. Business was steady, and his average case value was also steady at about $2,500 per patient. He was working hard but had little progress to show for it…until he discovered an alternative. 

Dr. Frank learned to make the money that matters. This is the money that gives him more time with his family. This is the money that makes him less dependent upon insurance reimbursements. This is the money that finally broke Dr. Frank’s plateau.

Making changes at the level of his core systems was the first step in helping him reach his optimal profit-per-hour number. We like to call it his Magic Number. It’s this number that has more than doubled his average case value from $2,500 to $5,400! 

How much would that boost your practice? How much would that boost your mood each day you go in? 

It’s not impossible to break through whatever it is that has you stuck. 

You can read more about Dr. Frank’s journey past his plateau in our report, The Practice Jumpstart Strategy. In it you’ll discover how to best position your practice to make the right money and blast through any walls you’ve built using outdated tactics.      

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