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“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.” ~ Anonymous

Summer is winding down and surrendering to autumn. Have you prepared for the fall slump? If not, you’ll have plenty of time to shuffle around the office while you wait for patients to show up — at least the ones you want to work with. 

All is not lost, however, when it comes to correcting course and beating back the overreaching clutches of Sucktember. Yes, a lot of folks are preoccupied with the return to school, but not everyone. And these are the folks you can cater to.

These patients aren’t ruffled by economic swings or mad rushes to fill school supply demands. These patients go on leaf peeping adventures (a favorite pastime for those who live with four seasons) because they haven’t a care in the world…except how great you can make them look and feel. 

Now is the perfect time to market to the crowd that doesn’t go squirrely with school-related stresses at the start of each September. Here are some ideas for promoting your practice this month and beyond. 

  • Offer specialized, premium services (Make yourself the go-to for these cases) 
  • Run promotions on certain treatments (Be sure to check state laws before implementing this type of campaign)
  • Consider making small updates to your website
    • Add new videos
    • Post a blog or two (even better — enlist someone who can do it for you)
    • Add an appointment button to the home page if you don’t already have one 
  • Engage the community in a social media campaign
    • Promote services
    • Create a competition
    • Have followers post their best smiles
  •  Consider hosting an autumn open house
    • Spread the word and offer some great swag

The fall slump doesn’t have to land on your doorstep if you take the proper steps to combat it before it begins. Avoid another Sucktember of patients ghosting you and acting squirrely, and start building a clientele that enjoys you as much as you enjoy them. 

If you’d like some help dealing with the nuttiness of fall, give our experts a ring

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