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We find that the doctors we talk to are continually having to do more with less… less time, fewer resources, underperforming teams.

Have you ever looked around and wondered how the doctors whose practices are killing it make that happen? They're not working 10 or 12 hour days, their staff is friendly and happy, they're hitting performance and revenue goals and so on. 

They’re practicing dentistry the way it ought to be done. How about you?

It's not as hard as you think, these doctor's have grasped a simple concept, one Colin Receveur has laid out in his book The CEO Dentist.

The CEO Dentist is one who has learned that trading time for money is a growth-limiting strategy, and here’s why.

Choose Wisely

There’s always more money to be made, but the dentist-owner who spends most, if not all, of their time seeing patients has a definite limit on the number of hours they can spend chairside. 

In contrast, CEO Dentists spend much more of their time working on their practices rather than in their practices. 

By focusing their energies on optimizing systems and processes, ensuring that their teams function at the highest possible level, there is no cap on growth and success. CEO Dentists work as much – or as little – chairside as they choose. 

Colin identifies three other dentist types in the book – Piddler, Perfectionist, and Practitioner – and demonstrates how each of the other three types can make the mental transition toward becoming a CEO Dentist.

The rewards are great – more money plus more time and freedom to enjoy life.

The CEO Dentist Workbook helps dentists actualize the ideas presented in the book so dentist-owners can confidently move toward the freedom and fulfillment of their dreams.

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