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SEO marketing once was all about keywords. Now, it’s about authentic, original content. You might remember that I talked about this in a previous blog, but today I’m going give you a quick and easy way to put it into practice, and you may even get a bonus out of the deal.

Press releases are a great way to get your key searchable terms out onto the Web, where they can be entered into Google’s algorithm and hopefully drive your name up the results page rankings.

Getting your name listed high in certain searches is the name of the game. You want to dominate search listings for the procedures you want to do.

But if you’re still writing press releases the same way you were six months ago (or paying someone to do it for you), you’re not getting as much bang for your buck.

 New Google Search Method is Changing the Game

Here’s why. I’ve previously mentioned Google’s new Hummingbird search algorithm, and that will likely be the subject of a future podcast. But the short explanation is that Hummingbird is a total reboot of how Google ranks search terms.

 This is the first time Google has ever done a complete overhaul. It looks more at query intent than just query words.

Some of you may have seen decreased traffic since this happened in Sept. 2013. That’s because you’re putting the same numbers into a different equation and expecting the same results.

That’s just bad math. But let me tell you what adds up: authentic content.

 You Have to Improve Your Press Releases

That’s what Hummingbird is designed to find. You know what’s not authentic: press releases that look like Mad Libs with key words sprinkled into the blanks.

Most of you have probably heard of the five Ws and an H that are fundamental to any kind of press writing: who, what, when, where, why and how and fundamentals of any release. If you’re not doing that, start, and if you’re paying someone and they’re not doing it, make them start or find someone else!

But beyond the basics, here are five characteristics that will get your release actually read. You don’t have to have all five, but the more you have, the better the release:

  • Timeliness: Write about things that are recent past, current or upcoming.
  • Importance: Be sure to tell any potential reader (write for people, not search engines) why your release matters to him or her.
  • Prominence: Comment on something that is the topic of the day, already in the news or about someone or something of note.
  • Proximity: Write about what you are doing in your local area (your release should be clear it is from you, not a template that any dentist’s name could go on top of).
  • Oddity: What makes what you are announcing new, different or unusual?

Get Your News Release Used

The benefit of writing for real people using these TIPPO principles is that your press release has a better chance of being used on a website, blog or news site.

And that is the bonus I offer you today: NOTHING is better for SEO that redistribution of your press release across mainstream media and blogs. Hummingbird will eat that up like nectar and vault you to the top of the results page on its rapidly beating wings.

Until next time, keep moving forward.



Written by rcarroll

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