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The famous science fiction author John Brunner once said, “Let’s all be different, same as me.”

It’s appalling how many dental practices seem to follow that philosophy in their marketing programs.

Every aspect of your marketing has to work to help you differentiate yourself from your competition. You have to give your prospective patients reasons to select you to solve their dental problems rather than your 20, 30, or 100 local competitors.

And yet, I see dental website after dental website that completely fail to accomplish those objectives.

If there’s nothing about your website to make you stand out, you’re missing out on the new dental patients you need to grow your practice – because your combined competitors are eating your lunch, so to speak.

You may have a “me too” website because you did it yourself and used a common template (or your marketing company has one “look” for dentists).

Your website may fail because you or your marketing firm looked at other websites and copied the subject headings in the exact order you found, if not the content.

You could be swallowed by the dental herd because your website content hasn’t been updated in three or more years. That happens much more often than you would think; the online world has moved on, but your website hasn’t.

If you’re part of a crowd (or a herd), there are only a few ways to stand out.

One way is to dress differently from everyone else. In online terms, that means coming up with a design for your website that is uniquely you and unlike what your competitors are doing. Accomplishing that will require a considerable amount of research, pretty decent design skills, and a lot of patience.

Or, you can work with your marketing company to accomplish the same thing, but that brings up two questions: one, if they offer unique, tailored websites designs, why didn’t they offer that to you in the first place? And two, if they don’t provide that service, why do you still have that marketing company?

The second way to stand out is to act differently. For the online world, this means producing regularly updated/refreshed unique content. Google penalizes websites that use “borrowed,” computer-generated, or unhelpful articles or posts.

Your website should offer solutions to patients’ dental problems in clear layperson language. Save the jargon and technical terms for your next journal article.

You can also act differently by offering interesting content that doesn’t directly address an urgent dental need. For instance, you might do a side-by-side comparison of Invisalign vs. Clear Correct, pointing out what patients have told they like and don’t like about each.

If you fail to act differently, your potential patients will penalize you by choosing another dentist – because your website isn’t offering the information they need to make an informed decision to choose you.

And the third way to stand out from the dental herd is to stand apart, which in marketing terms means doing your marketing differently. Most “herd” dentists have ill-coordinated marketing programs where parts of the whole actually work against each other.

Dentists who set up an effective patient attraction system routinely achieve top-of-mind awareness among potential patients; attract more and better patients, and can realize more profits and more freedom.

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