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If you’re handling your own dental practice marketing, you know that it can feel overwhelming at times.

Think about the different aspects of what it takes to compete in today’s online environment: search engine optimization, online content, a strong social media presence, online reputation management, and much more.

Dental practice owners wear a lot of “hats,” and the sad truth is that only one of them – your dentist’s hat – makes you any money. Adding a lot of marketing hats isn’t a good use of your time or talents.

Nevertheless, They Persisted

A surprising number of practice owners, for their own reasons, insist on handling their marketing themselves. That may seem like a fiscally responsible decision, and in some cases it may be. But for most dentists, a quick look at the value of their clinical time versus the cost of outsourcing will show that it’s a money-loser.

Besides, you didn’t go to dental school to become a marketing specialist, did you? Dr. Jonathan Gilbart of Hagerstown, Maryland certainly didn’t. He found an excellent solution.

I’ve had different companies in the past.” he said. “They’re good at this, they’re good at that, but they don’t put it all together. I don’t have time to put it all together. I want to focus on my patients and focus on what their needs are. I like to tinker with the stuff, but to be honest, I’m not that great at it. So, I wanted to find a company that could do everything, as far as marketing, for me.

“I decided to make the leap of faith, and I’m glad that I did because I’ve been very happy with SmartBox and their ability to take all the stuff, put it together, and handle that aspect so I can focus on my patients.”

Yeah, SmartBox Handles the “Stuff”

SmartBox’s industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ helps more than 550 dentists on three continents get better patients. We provide completely integrated marketing services that free our doctors to focus on doing the dentistry. SmartBox takes care of every aspect of getting them a steady stream of better patients.

It’s fair to say that our dentists spend about 30 to 60 minutes a month on their marketing. How does that compare to the amount of time you’re spending on your marketing now?

Get Back to Making Money

If you own your practice, and you still enjoy treating dental patients, it just makes sense to let go of as many other responsibilities as possible. Contacting SmartBox is a great place to begin.

Visit www.smartboxdental.com and click on the “Get Started” button. Schedule your free, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™. Following the 25-minute phone call, SmartBox will send you your completely personalized, free, Patient Attraction Roadmap™.

Just as we do for Dr. Gilbart, we’ll take care of keeping your chairs filled with better patients, ones who stay, pay, and refer. Not only will that make life easier for you, you’ll have the higher lifetime value of those patients to bolster your bottom line.


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SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

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